Using Bluestack to Install and Run Android Application on PC or Laptop

Using Bluestack to install and run Android Application on PC or Laptop

How is it possible to install and run Android application in a PC or laptop?? Yes, to be able installing and running Android application on PC or laptop, you will have to install Android emulator first in your PC or laptop. Android emulator functions as adapter from Android to PC or laptop. You can find various Android emulators that can work in Windows operating system when you browse or Google it.
Bluestack App Player
Among those Android emulators in the market, Bluestack is the most famous and commonly used Android emulator. It is because Bluestack is an Android emulator that works stable and compatible for various version of Windows operating system. Aside from that, Bluestack is also updating from time to time, the most current updates are on the speed and even its compatibility to work in and even older computers. How to use Bluetack app is very simple. When you have finished installing in your computer or PC, you will find your computer or PC run just like Android. So, can we control the PC or laptop like we control Android? Yes, we can. Supposedly the PC or laptop is a touch screen monitor; we can use the touch screen just like Android device. But if it is not a touch screen, we can use the mouse to control or run it.
What is Android APK Files?
Some people may question what Android APK file is. Well, basically Android APK file is the compound or packages containing the Android application master. The letters “APK” is actually the file extension, similar like “.exe” in the Windows application package file.
How to download Bluestack App Player?
As previously discussed that Bluestack is an emulator for Android application so that it can be installed and run in the PC or laptop. To be able using or running it, you need to download the software before installing in your PC or laptop. Please follow below steps on how to download Bluestack App:


  1. From your Windows 10 PC or laptop, open your browser internet explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc), go to Bluestack official website:
  2. Download the installer file package from that official Bluestack website.
  3. Double click the installer package to install the Bluestack application in your PC or laptop just follow the installation procedure and accept the default setting suggested)
  4. You will then be lead to create a Bluestack account. You can just “Sign in with your Google account”. Follow the instruction until you are presented with your profile name. Save and remember your profile name. Click “DONE”
  5. Next, you will have to set up your Android in Bluestack. Simply follow the instruction.
  6. Sign in to your Google Account. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account so that you can access the Google Playstore.
  7. Finish. Now you will be able to install and run Android application in your PC or laptop.

How to download APK file from Google Playstore?
After finishing the Bluestack App installation in your PC or laptop, to be able to install Android app in your PC or laptop you need to download APK file from Google Playstore. Follow below steps to download APK file:

  1. Open the Bluestack application.
  2. There are two ways to search the application you want. From the home screen and Google playstore. Similar with what you may have experience in your Android phone, the result of the search will be shown in the screen
  3. Click the APK file you desire, and then click “ Install”. The APK file will be downloaded and installed in your PC or laptop.
  4. After the installation finished, the Android application is ready to use in your PC or laptop.

Installing APK files from your Windows folder
In case of you want to install the APK file from your Windows 10 file folder, please follow below steps:

  1. Open or run Bluestack application
  2. Go to the folder in which you store the APK file
  3. Right click on the APK file you desire to install and choose “Open in Bluestack” and the file will be opened in your Bluestack application.
  4. Click the “Install” button and your APK file will be installed in your Bluestack application player.


It is now possible to run Android application in your PC or laptop. There are no worries about it as there are emulators that will bridge the Android application and the PC or laptop. In this case, Bluestack is the most recommended emulator due to its handiness.