How To Check Who Is Viewing Our Facebook Profile


How To Check Who Is Viewing Our Facebook Profile – Nowadays, almost all people have Facebook account. Connecting with family, colleagues and friends is not as difficult as it was 15 years ago. Facebook can help us to stay in contact with the people we know, no matter how far the distance is. We can see how our friends doing by viewing the updates they share on their Facebook through the news feed page.

Or else, we can see their activities in their profile page as long as they share it in their Facebook. But what if we want to know who have visited our profile? How to check who is viewing our Facebook? Since there is no option on Facebook to see who have viewed our Facebook profile.

Because sometimes we are curious on who is viewing our profile, right? Whether the person we are interested to or old friends or ex or family. Well, there is a way on how to check who is viewing our Facebook profile as below

Who is viewing our Facebook profile?

  1. The first step to do is, login to your Facebook account

2. Then, go to your own profile.
3. Right click on your Facebook profile, click on “View page source”. You will then be presented to codes and numbers.

  1. Press “CTRL” + “F”. Type “InitialChatFriendsList” in the search box.
  2. There will be shown list of numbers next to the “InitialChatFriendsList” which means that they are the used ID numbers of the people who check your Facebook profile.
  3. Go to : “ “. Copy the user ID number from the page source and paste it next to the
    Example :
  4. Click “Enter”, you will then see the profile of the person who has checked your Facebook profile.

The more people viewing your Facebook profile, the more user ID shown in the “View page source” section. What does the order series of user ID means? Actually the user ID order indicates the time and frequency of the person visiting your Facebook profile.

Means that the first order indicates the most recent and frequent person viewing your Facebook profile. When a friend is viewing your Facebook account, it may mean that they just want to know how we are going with our life without causing any annoyance in our busy days. Hope you enjoy this tips on how to check who is viewing our Facebook profile!

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