Easy Guide To Write And Publish Book With Reedsy Book Editor

Write and Publish Book With Reedsy Book Editor

If you are keen on writing and looking for a way to publish your piece of writings, you will find the easiest guide to write and publish book using Reedsy book editor here! Reedsy book editor, this platform is very much recommended for independent book publishers. Therefore, if you are not yet to join a publishing company, using the Reedsy platform will be a great idea.

Reedsy book editor provides tools that will guide writers to publish the book according to the most updated commercial publishing standards. This is another reason why it is recommended for indie writers. Besides, by using Reedsy, it will surely save your publishing cost compare to when you are publishing through a commercial publishing company.

Additionally, Reedsy book editor is a convenient platform for most users. Even if you are a new user who needs strong concentration during the work. The platform does not allow any pop-ups or even ads that will disturb you during the work.

Steps To Write And Publish Book Using Reedsy Book Editor

So, let’s get to the point on the easiest guide you need to do on how to write and publish a book using Reedsy book editor. Here are the step-by-step you will need to do:

Login in to your account and create a book

The first thing to get started is to log in to the Reedsy account you have made before. After that, find the “My Books” tab at the top-left side of the windows.

Find the “Create a new book” menu and click on it. In this step, you need to type the title of the new project you are going to work on. Next, click on “Create“.

Go to “Archive” to find the new project you are going to work on. There are two tabs in the “Archive“, they are “Write” and ” Manage“. Since you are to write a new writing project, so will need to click on the “Write” tab. While the “Manage” tab is provided for you to find help from Reedsy professional support on your project.

Here is to sum up the steps in this section: Login to Reedsy account >> My Books >> Create New >> Create >> Write.

Start Writing and set or adjust the format

Reedsy book editor platform is enhanced with handy tools to help you make adjustments to your project. For instance, if you want to add a table of contents, copyright, or preface page, there are the tools provided on your left side of your screen that you can use. Hence, it will help you a lot to create the pages as required as a professional writer according to the publishing standard.

Using Reedsy for your book writing purpose is quite handy. Besides, the helpfully provided toolbar, the Reedsy book editor gives you huge space for your writing, How the platform works is also very helpful. For example, if you want to adjust or set your paragraphs. It will automatically suggest the most recommended toolbar button when you select and block a certain length of your writing.

To sum up, the Reedsy book editor menu and toolbar. you will find whatever the menu or toolbar on other word processing app in Reedsy.

Exporting book on Reedsy book editor

The final step after finish writing your book is to publish your book using Reedsy book editor. Therefore, you will need to convert it to a certain format you want. Do not be worry, as Reedsy also provides you the feature to convert your script to any file format you need. For instance, PDF, Mobi, or ePub. Additionally, Reedsy also lets you if you want to publish your book in an ebook or even printed format.

Further to that, there are templates provided by the platform. You can select whether to publish in the Reedsy, Romance, or Classic template. All can be done just by choosing the template suits the type of writing you have made.

All the formatting and adjustment you do through the Reedsy book editor platform will apply once the book is downloaded.

What if there is a change in the publishing standards? Reedsy keeps on updating the features and tools. Hence, it will also catch up on any update on the publishing standard through its updated features.


For you whose interest is writing and thinking of publishing the script, Reedsy book editor is a powerful and helpful platform. Especially if you are not yet working under officials publishing company.

I believe that you understand that publishing a book through a publishing company will cost you money. By using Reedsy book editor to write and publish your book, it will surely minimize your publishing budget. Consequently, it will save you money while you can also earn from your published book.

Finally, this platform is worthy to use for your book writing. Once you use it, see how much it will drag you out from your word processing app for your book writing purpose.

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