How To Control Windows Computer From An Android With TeamViewer

Control Computer From Android PhoneImagine if you can control your Windows computer using your Android phone. Accessing your Windows computer will so much be easier. Moreover, almost all of you are using Android phone, don’t you?

Once in my work place, I experienced my computer needed certain settings. Since the one authorized to do the setting was only the IT department in the head office, I had to ask their assistance. The problem was that my location was miles away from the IT department office. … [Read more..]

My Computer Is Infected By Ramsomware; How To Remove Ransomware from My Computer?

Remove Ransomware From Computer“How to remove ransomware from my computer? Because I think ransomware has infected my computer”. Once I found this kind of question from a friend, that I tried to do some research, trial and error for this purpose.

I have previously discussed about the preventive acts to do to prevent ransomware attack to your computer. But what if your computer has already been infected? How can we remove ransomware from the Windows computer?… [Read more..]

How To Protect Computer From Ransomware Attack

How To Protect Computer From RansomwareAs there are some people experience about the attack of ransomware, it is highly recommended for you to protect your computer from ransomware threat. This is because ransomware attacks through the internet. And as we know, nowadays most computers around the world connect to the internet.

Ransomware is spreading to attack your computer in order to block certain access. I think many of you may have understood about it. The objective of the creator is to ask for sum of money in exchange to release the occupancy of the computer from the ransomware.… [Read more..]

Smart Gaga Best Android Emulator For Windows Computer

Smart Gaga Android EmulatorSmart Gaga Android emulator for Windows Computer is a recommended Android emulator if you want to operate Android on your Windows computer. Previously, may be we only knew about the Bluestack Android emulator. But now, with the arrival of Smart Gaga android emulator for Windows computer, the competition becomes tighter. Consequently, you have more option of the android emulator to use.

What is Smart Gaga Android Emulator for Windows?

As mentioned before, Smart Gaga is an Android emulator. Which means that it is a software to facilitate people who want to operate Android in the computer. Similar to Bluestack, Smart Gaga is also Android emulator for your computer.

In recent time, you may find some other Android emulators. … [Read more..]