Smart Gaga Best Android Emulator For Windows Computer

Smart Gaga Android EmulatorSmart Gaga Android emulator for Windows Computer is a recommended Android emulator if you want to operate Android on your Windows computer. Previously, may be we only knew about the Bluestack Android emulator. But now, with the arrival of Smart Gaga android emulator for Windows computer, the competition becomes tighter. Consequently, you have more option of the android emulator to use.

What is Smart Gaga Android Emulator for Windows?

As mentioned before, Smart Gaga is an Android emulator. Which means that it is a software to facilitate people who want to operate Android in the computer. Similar to Bluestack[Read more..]

Windows Wireless File Transfer Using Wifi Direct

Windows Wireless File Transfer Using Wifi DirectUnlike the old days, file transfer between devices is now becoming easier. Nowadays, Windows wireless file transfer using Wifi direct is starting to spread. At first, people use the Bluetooth, but as the technology develops there are also some applications for the file transfer need. For instance, the MiDrop app from cellphone vendor Xiaomi. While for the PC file transfer need, especially for Windows 10 users, Wifi Direct offers more ease for the file transfer need. Wifi direct enables you to do the Windows wireless file transfer, connect to your printer and also to your cellphone.… [Read more..]

Fix Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004f034

0xc004f034It is quite annoying when you experience Windows 10 activation error 0xc004f034. There are people who are seeking how to fix the Windows 10 activation error 0xc004f034 across the internet websites. It means that there are many Windows 10 users who face the error 0xc004f034 during the activation process. We may say that the problem is common to appear, but as we do need to get rid of the error, we have to fix the Windows 10 activation error 0xc004f034.… [Read more..]

How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 10

Install Ubuntu on WindowsWhat is Ubuntu? For some people, they may have not known what Ubuntu is. Hence, Ubuntu is not in the list of fame of software in the market. If you have not known what Ubuntu is, how would you be interested on how to install Ubuntu in Windows 10 of your device?

Well, let’s go through on what Ubuntu is first before I proceed on how to install Ubuntu in Windows 10.

What is Ubuntu?

As cited from , Ubuntu is an open source operating system software that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet … [Read more..]