Smart Gaga Best Android Emulator For Windows Computer

Smart Gaga Android EmulatorSmart Gaga Android emulator for Windows Computer is a recommended Android emulator if you want to operate Android on your Windows computer. Previously, may be we only knew about the Bluestack Android emulator. But now, with the arrival of Smart Gaga android emulator for Windows computer, the competition becomes tighter. Consequently, you have more option of the android emulator to use.

What is Smart Gaga Android Emulator for Windows?

As mentioned before, Smart Gaga is an Android emulator. Which means that it is a software to facilitate people who want to operate Android in the computer. Similar to Bluestack[Read more..]

GB Whatsapp Apps ; Alternative Application for Normal Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp-GBWhatsappGB Whatsapp Apps – Many of you may still use the normal Whatsapp messenger in your Android phone. We do not know yet that there is actually some alternative applications of Whatsapp messenger like the GB Whatsapp.

We all know that Whatsapp has now become a very dominant messenger application. Almost all people who use smartphones are installing Whatsapp messenger in it. Whatsapp is the main messenger people nowadays are using due to its handy features.

Aside from the normal Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp is an alternative application to normal Whatsapp messenger. Even though the normal Whatsapp messenger has given many … [Read more..]

Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC

Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC –There used to be only limited ways to transfer data from one device to another. There were only Bluetooth, infra-red and also cable to do the data transfer. As technology develops, there are more options we can use to transfer data. In here, we are going to focus on Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC.
Mi Drop is an application developed by Xiaomi. As we know, Xiaomi in a Chinese mobile phone brand that has come to the fame after all the specifications and strength it [Read more..]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Common Problems; How to Fix problems on Galaxy S10


How to Fix problems on Galaxy S10-Like the old saying, nothing is perfect on earth. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone. Despite all the strengths in the Samsung Galaxy S10, there are some common problems on Samsung Galaxy S10. Released in three different product variants; the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, each has its own strength. Samsung Galaxy S10: the most superior variant, the S10 Plus: super-sized mobile phone and the Samsung Galaxy S10e: the cheaper version one.

Not to discuss about any application issue, or Samsung Galaxy Android virus-related issues on this Samsung Galaxy … [Read more..]