How To Download and Use SLACK App On MAC Effectively

Slack App on App Store

As the previous post on Slack app review, this time I am going to share how to download and use the SLACK app on MAC effectively. If you have read the previous post, I believe that you have understood what the Slack app is. Yes, it is a business communication app that enables you to communicate with all your workmates.

By using the Slack business communication app, you will be able to communicate and discuss the work with your colleagues in the channels created. The channel can represent each of the business discussion topics. It can be named in accordance with the project name, or whatever you want.

Basically, there will be two default channels provided in the Slack app. They are #general and #random. Which unfortunately you cannot rename. But don’t worry, since you can create other channels aside from those two default channels.

Slack App Features

What makes Slack different from the other app is the features it provides. For new users, it is true that it needs time to understand and use it effectively. But isn’t it happen to every other app as well? Here are the Slack app features for your consideration.

  • Possibility to integrate with other services. This can happen and be done since Slack business communication app has a great API for developers. For instance, you can integrate the app with Google drive.
  • Slack has an automation feature that can help you do scheduled or planned tasks automatically.
  • Voice and video chat. Slack also comes with a voice and video chat feature. Even though the quality comes fromSlackitself still needs improvement, but you can still do the voice and video chat. If you want better quality, don’t worry, the app also works with other video conference apps, such as Microsoft Teams Cisco, Zoom app, and some other video conference apps.
  • Channel. As previously mentioned, channels can be named based on the topic discussed, Hence, by using the channel, you can intensively follow the topic you are dealing with.
  • If you need to communicate with the people outside of your work organization, you can use the “Share Channell” feature. This feature enables you to communicate with your clients for any project discussions.

How to download and use the Slack app on MAC?

If you are a MAC user and interested to use Slack app, now it is possible to do it. But before being able to use Slack on your MAC, you have to download Slack for your MAC and install the Slack app on your MAC. Since you are using MAC you have to download Slack from the App store. Here is how you to do it:

  1. Go to the “App Store” and search Slack from the search bar.
  2. Tap on the “Slack” app after the search is completed. Tap on “Get” and the download will be performed.

    Download Slack App on MAC
    Download Slack App on MAC
  3. When the installation is done, you are ready to use Slack app on your MAC now.

To further use the app for your business communication, you can proceed with the login. Slack login sometimes requires energy. Since due to the security concern from the developer, the app requires the users to use a unique password. This is aimed to provide better security for the users.


Slack app is a business communication app that enables people to do their work communication more organized. As business communication requires detail and attention, people tend to choose using a desktop. Aside from Windows users, Slack is now also possible for MAC. And of course, to be able to use it, you have to download and install Slack on your MAC first.

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