My Computer Is Infected By Ramsomware; How To Remove Ransomware from My Computer?

Remove Ransomware From Computer“How to remove ransomware from my computer? Because I think ransomware has infected my computer”. Once I found this kind of question from a friend, that I tried to do some research, trial and error for this purpose.

I have previously discussed about the preventive acts to do to prevent ransomware attack to your computer. But what if your computer has already been infected? How can we remove ransomware from the Windows computer?… [Read more..]

What Needs To Know About Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home Smart SpeakerWhat needs to know about Google Home smart speaker? What is the difference between Google home smart speaker and the normal speaker?

Some of us might have not known what is the Google home smart speaker. It is not a shame for not knowing yet about this device. Because the device has not been very popular and not many people are using it.

In a simple way, Google home smart speaker is a device created by Google which enables you to have control over your other home devices appliances. If you need certain home appliance to perform certain function you can just use voice command through it.

Firstly launched in 2016, the device works similarly like Amazon echo or Apple … [Read more..]

GB Whatsapp Apps ; Alternative Application for Normal Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp-GBWhatsappGB Whatsapp Apps – Many of you may still use the normal Whatsapp messenger in your Android phone. We do not know yet that there is actually some alternative applications of Whatsapp messenger like the GB Whatsapp.

We all know that Whatsapp has now become a very dominant messenger application. Almost all people who use smartphones are installing Whatsapp messenger in it. Whatsapp is the main messenger people nowadays are using due to its handy features.

Aside from the normal Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp is an alternative application to normal Whatsapp messenger. Even though the normal Whatsapp messenger has given many handy features, GB Whatsapp offers more complete features.

There are features that GB Whatsapp can serve, but the normal Whatsapp … [Read more..]

How To Make Interesting Instagram Story

Interesting Instagram stories

Instagram story is a simple and trending way to keep your followers updated with your activities. As we all may have known, Instagram has introduced this feature some times ago and receives good response from the users.

Undoubtedly, it is a practical way to update status, does not require much storage and does not require much effort to post it. Besides, Instagram story are much simpler compare to the permanent post. It will only appear for certain duration of time in the feed and after your followers view it, it will not appear in their home feed anymore.… [Read more..]

What To Consider When Starting Online Store? (Part 2)

As previous post on starting online store easily, let us proceed to the next steps. As previously discussed, we need to be unique, considering the competition, platform we will use and optimization. Going deeper, there are some things to be further done to generate customers. Yes, as you are to run internet based business in online store scope of business you will rely your business to the internet users that will be … [Read more..]