How To Reinstall Deleted Default Apps On iPhone

iPhone App Store

Some people may accidentally delete the default apps on their iPhone and looking for how to reinstall those deleted default apps on their iPhone. If you are one of those people, you are in the right place!

First of all, what are the default apps on the iPhone? They are, for example, the clock, calendar, Music, Mail, and Stocks. Some people delete the iPhone default apps since they find it meaningless for them. Or in certain cases, they don’t really understand how to use it. But what if the default apps are unintentionally deleted and the user needs the apps reinstalled back? Let’s see how you can reinstall the iPhone apps on your device.

How To Reinstall Deleted Default Apps on iPhone Back

If you are thinking that reinstalling back iPhone default apps is complicated, you need to follow this article until the end of the paragraph. Since you will find it very easy.

But before going further, please make sure that the default apps you are about to reinstall are not simply hidden from your home screen. To check it, with one finger swipe down on your iPhone’s home screen. When you see the search bar, type the app you are looking for. If you don’t find it, it means that the app is really gone from your iPhone.

Now, we are going to reinstall the default app on your iPhone back. Here below are the steps:

  1. Open the “App Store” from your iPhone.
  2. Type the app name on the search bar on the “App Store“.

    Apple iPhone search bar
    Find Built-in Apps on Apple Store Search Bar and Reinstall back on iPhone
  3. You will be taken to more than one result, with similar names. Choose the one with the marking”Developer: Apple” to confirm that this is the default app you need. Because the other similar apps are developed by other third parties developers.
  4. Tap on the Apple iCloud download icon and the download and installation process will run automatically. NOTE: the app is free, thus you will not see the “Buy” or “Get” icon to download and install it, but the Apple iCloud download icon.

    Download Default Apps From Apple App Store
    Download and Reinstall Deleted Default Apps on iPhone From Apple App Store
  5. Check whether the app is successfully installed by checking it on your iPhone’s home screen or “Library“. As in some cases, the newly downloaded apps are not seen on the home screen, but in the “Library“.


To reinstall deleted default apps on iPhone back is not as sophisticated as people thought before. As I have explained in the above paragraphs, it is just similar to when you are to install new apps on your iPhone. But what you may need to pay more attention to is how to choose and ensure the apps you need. Because there are numerous similar apps in the App Store. NOTE: this method is also applicable for iPad.

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