Setup Wifi Direct On iPhone For Bravia

Are you iPhone users and need to setup Wifi direct on iPhone? You are in the right place! Previously, I have discussed the Wifi direct setup on Windows 10. Keep on reading, since this time I am going to discuss the topic you are looking for.

Wifi direct was firstly developed in the early 2000s. Since then, Wifi direct has been gaining its fame and started to crush the other device-connectivity means. If you have read the previous post about the Wifi direct topics; Wireless file transfer with Wifi direct and setup Wifi direct for Windows, I believe that you have had pictures about the Wifi direct.

Not limited only for Windows, Wifi direct can also work on iPhone. Let’s check how Wifi direct setup should be done for the iPhone.This time am focusing on how to set up Wifi direct on the iPhone to connect with Sony Bravia.

Requirements For Wifi Direct Setup on iPhone to Connect with Sony Bravia

Before doing the setting of the iPhone Wifi direct to connect with Sony Bravia, there are some requirements or preparations you have to fulfill. Here they are:

  1. Connect the TV to a high-speed internet connection. Please check and make sure of this.
  2. Update the TV firmware to the latest or most updated one. You can update it from the “Network” menu on the TV.
  3. For the TV with in-built Wifi-ready feature, you have to prepare the UWA-BR100 USB wireless adaptor in order to be able to do the setting.

iPhone’s Wifi Direct Setting to Connect with Sony Bravia TV

Please make sure to follow the below steps to make a successful setting:

  • Please make sure you have activated the Wifi direct feature on your Bravia TV.
  • Connect it with the iPhone. Stay on the TV screen that displays the password because you will need to enter it on your iPhone later on. Please see the below screenshot.
Bravia WPA Screen
  • From your iPhone, go to “Settings” and turn on the Wifi. See below screenshots for easier steps to follow.
Setting Wifi Direct on iPhone
  • On your iPhone, select the “Direct-xx-BRAVIA“. It will take you to the password screen where you need to enter the password you can find on the TV screen. Next, tap on “Join“. See the below screenshot for easier guidance.
iPhone Wifi Direct for Bravia
  • You will need to wait for a few minutes to get the connection fully established. Next, you will see the “Settings” screen coming up. If the connection is configured and set successfully, you will see the checkmark on your iPhone screen of the SSID menu. While on your TV screen you will see the dashed line. The figure you will see on your iPhone and TV will be as below.
iPhone Screen Set Wifi Direct
Bravia Screen Set Wifi DIrect on iPhone
  • DONE. Now you have completed the setup of Wifi direct for your iPhone to be connected with the Bravia TV. In case this does not work for the first attempt, retry the same steps and make sure you have entered the correct password.

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