Easy Ways Connecting Airpods And Homepod To MacBook

Connect Airpods and Homepods to Mac

Is it possible connecting Airpods and Homepod to Macbook? Airpod is a wireless headphone product from Apple. If you have tried to use another wireless headphones, you need to try the airpod. Apple Airpod has fabulous sound quality and longer battery durability.

Some people may think that Airpod and Homepod can only connect to iPhone. It is correct that both Airpod and Homepod are specialized to connect with iPhone, but both devices are also compatible to connect with Macbook.

Now, what should you do if you want to connect Airpod and Homepod with another devices? Is it possible to … [Read more..]

How To Format External Hard Drive on MAC OS

Hard Drive On MAC

As previously you have understood how to unlock external hard drive on MAC operating system, now it comes to discuss how to format external hard drive on MAC operating system. Yes, when someone needs to unlock external hard drive, it usually for the need of formatting it. The objective is to clean the memory or give more space in the hard drive for another allocation.

By formatting the hard drive, it will save more time. Rather than deleting the files or data previously stored in the device one by one. But one thing to pay attention is that you … [Read more..]

How To Unlock External Hard Drive On Mac OS

How To Unlock External Hard Drive On Mac OS

Using an external hard drive is a good choice for every computer user. External hard drive enables you to have more flexibility on taking, saving or transferring all the data you want. Now, what if you need the access to the hard drive but you find it locked? How to unlock hard drive?

Regardless the operating system you prefer to use, external hard drive gives you options and ease whether it is to transfer or backup data. At this time, we are going to focus on Mac operating system. I would like to share how to unlock hard drive on … [Read more..]

How To Free Up Space on MacBook ; Free Up MacBook Space

Free up space on MACBookRegardless what the device is, what will happen when a device’s memory is only a little left or too full? I believe that you are fully aware that this will cause the performance drop down. The device becomes slow. When the device performance is slow, it is quite frustrating, right? It also will happen to a MacBook when the memory is too little left of the memory is full. So, what to do? You will need to free up space on MacBook in order to drive back the performance of the device.

The question is: How to free up space … [Read more..]