How To Solve Scratch Disks Are Full Photoshop Error in Windows 10

Scratch Disks Are Full Photoshop Error

Scratch disks are full Photoshop error in Windows 10 is a quite most likely error occurs in the program. According to users’ experience, the error normally occurs when they are to launch the Photoshop. Others say that they experience the ” scratch disks are full Photoshop error when about to complete a task.

Every Photo editing or designing addict must be familiar with Photoshop. Undeniably, this program has been very famous. Many people use and like it because of the interesting and user-friendly interface. Even when there is CorelDraw, Photoshop is still taking its fame in a safe place.

So, this error in Windows 10 operating system? There are actually some recommendations for this attempt. Please try below suggested solution carefully.

Fix Scratch Disks Are Full Photoshop Error in Windows 10

1. Check Scratch Disk Space Capacity & Free Up

From the name of the error itself, we can literally conclude that it is a disk space related error. Thus, before doing any further things, please check your disk space and make sure you have sufficient allocated capacity.

To check the scratch disks space capacity in your Photoshop, open the Photoshop > Edit >>Preferences >> Scratch Disk. Here, please free up the disk space until at least you have 40 GB free space. Because the error is likely to occur when space is lower than 40 GB.

2. Move the Location of the Scratch Disk

Another way to deal with this error is to move the allocated space for the Scratch Disk location. But the problem is that in some cases the Scratch Disk is Full Photoshop pop up appears even when you have not fully opened the program. So, you cannot go to the settings menu like the above suggestion.

Thus, you will need another way to change the Scratch Disk Preferences. Luckily, there is a short cut for this attempt. Please follow the below steps.

Launch the Photoshop >> press and hold CTRL + ALT (right when the Photoshop window starts to launch) >> the Scratch Disk Preferences menu will appear (see below screenshot).

Scratch Disk Preferences
Scratch Disk Preferences –

Choose another disk partition next to the “First” by clicking the drop-down menu and click on “OK” when finish.

3. Clear the Temporary Files

Temporary files can be the ones that occupy your disk. Consequently, it may cause the Scratch Disk is Full error. Therefore, clearing temporary files can be one of the solutions to this problem.

Go to the folder where temp files are located and clear them. To do this, go to C:/ > users > “YourUserName” > AppData > Local > Temp.

Please understand that Temp files will have no effect when you delete them. Your Photoshop produces these temp files when you force to close it before it actually fully closed. But don’t worry as you will easily find and recognize those residual temp files by seeing the file name. It usually starts with PST or Photoshop Temp.

4. Setting Your Partition for Scratch Disk Allocation

Some people may have not known that they can actually use more than one disk partitions for the Scratch Disk space allocation. By doing this, it will increase the space of the Scratch Disk and enable it to share the burden not only into one partition. Originally, Scratch Disk is located in your C:/ drive by default.

To do it go to Edit > Preferences > Scratch Disk. The program will present you with the Scratch Disk tab in which you will see list of your partitions. Tick on the box near each of your partition and click OK.

Scratch Disk -
Scratch Disk –

By doing this you are enabling all your partition for the Scratch Disk. Re-launch your Photoshop after that.

5. Allow Photoshop to Use More RAM Allocation

If you notice, Photoshop actually can consume up to 60% of your RAM by default. To get rid of the Scratch Disk is Full error, allocating more RAM space consumption is one of the solutions.

To increase RAM allowed for Photoshop to fix the Scratch Disks Are Full, please follow the below steps.

  1. Launch the Photoshop > Preferences > Performance.

  2. Adjust the Memory Usage through the memory slider but I recommend not to exceed 75% because it will slow your PC performance down. Once you have finished, click OK.

Photoshop Preferences Performance
Setting RAM Allocation on Photoshop –

What Causes Scratch Disks Are Full in Photoshop

Knowing some methods for dealing with the error, you may question what the causes are. Maybe you do not really notice that Photoshop produces temporary files in each project you do. in this case, the program needs a place to store those temporary files.

Normally RAM is the most likely place for these temporary files. But when Photoshop does not find that the RAM is enough to store its temporary files, it will use your hard drive for this purpose. This hard drive space is called Scratch Disk by Photoshop.

It is typically Photoshop that produces numerously huge temp files. Especially if you are using the program to work on large projects. The “Scratch Disk is Full” error will occur when both of your RAM and Scratch Disk are occupied by those temp files.

Therefore in dealing with this error, the above methods are the most effective ways to solve scratch disks are full Photoshop error.


The main cause of the Scratch Disk Full is the temp files dwell in it. In order to get rid of the Scratch Disks Are Full Photoshop error in Windows 10, there are five recommended methods you can do. Please follow those steps and let me know how it works for you.

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