Using iPhone For Webcam

iPhone for webcam

Some people may not know that they can be using iPhone for a webcam. Imagine you are having a baby and you have to do the housework such as: washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc. I suppose that you are still thinking about your baby while doing this work. In this case, if you have an old unused iPhone, you can still make use of this device.

Yes, you can use iPhone as a webcam to monitor what your baby is doing in the bedroom. Whether he is still asleep or waking up so that you can directly go to the bedroom. Now, how much money you can save by using your old iPhone for the webcam. Not only to see what your baby is doing, by using iPhone for webcam, can you also utilize it for some other purpose like a security camera.

How to use iPhone for webcam

To be able to use an iPhone for a webcam, of course, there are certain methods to be done and some apps to support it. Here they are:

1. EpocCam

The good side of EpocCam is that it works in all webcam support applications. It is also a wireless app with 20 feet range that will work for both front and rear cameras of your iPhone. EpocCam is the most popular app to enable you to use your iPhone for a webcam. If you are to use EpocCam, you will also need to download the driver from its official website. There is no specific setting needed. The connection will automatically be performed after you install the app.

If you desire to remove the watermark, expand the resolution (640 x 480 pixels to 1920 x 1080 pixels), so you will need to install the pro version of the app. To conclude, there are 2 versions of the app are released, they are the Free version and the Premium version.

2. iCamSource Pro Mobile

iCamSource is a paid app that will also bridge your need to use iPhone for a webcam. It is a cool app as its ability to alert you whenever motion or movement is detected. Worry about losing the record? No, you don’t need to as it will automatically be saved in the cloud as backup.

Unlike some other applications, there is no free version of iCamSource. Before utilizing it, you will also need to install iCam Pro Webcam Along with iCamSource to be able to use the iPhone for a webcam. Only after installing both apps, you can do the video streaming from any iOS device.

3. AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera is a two-way app that enables you to view your iPhone camera feed from a computer or the other way around to see the computer webcam’s capture from your iPhone. Moreover, the app can work in Windows, Mac, smartphones, and also tablets. Then, how to be able use the AtHome Camera app? For this, you will need two apps to be installed, the viewer and the streamer app.

Besides, the Athome Camera enables you to record the feed. You can initially set the time when you want the feed to be recorded. Take, for example, you only want to record the feed from 03.00 to 04.00 am. This app is also equipped with the motion detection mode. What is motion detection for? Well, AtHome Camera will alert you whenever the app detects motion or movement in the feed.

Therefore, I think it will be a good means for baby monitoring. Unlike many other camera apps, AtHome Camera two-way-talk feature is also embedded in the app. So, no matter whether you are using the viewer or streamer, you can both talk or listen to the audio.

4. Presence

Presence is another recommended third-party app to enable you to use iPhone for a webcam. This app comes along with a website that will enable you to access your iPhone camera feed from wherever you are. Besides that, the free version of Presence offers 50MB free cloud storage. Not much space but will surely be a good offer to save some moments captured by your camera. As the app also comes with the premium version, you only need to upgrade your free version to the premium version if you want to expand the cloud storage become 5GB.
In addition, Presence’s ability to be accessed from across the world also work with Amazon Alexa.

5. FaceTime

FaceTime is an app developed and supported by Apple itself. So, Facetime is not a third-party app like those previously mentioned apps. Therefore, there is nothing to doubt about its reliability.
Then, how to apply Facetime in order to use iPhone for a webcam? Here they are:

a. You need a copy of the app in your iPhone and Mac
b. Make sure the 2 apps have different contact detail numbers (go to setting, “you can be reached for FaceTime at”)
c. iPhone: Setting  FaceTime
d. Mac: FaceTime Preferences
NOTE: the busy tone will always be performed if you have the same details in both devices.
e. Put your iPhone in a position where you want to monitor
f. Call it using your Mac. **You will need to manually answer it.


As discussed above, by using your iPhone you can save some money as you do not need to purchase the webcam for certain purposes. Even if there is a limited feature compare to the real webcam, you can still make use of your unused iPhone for monitoring purposes. Each of the applications mentioned above has its strength and weakness. Therefore, you can always choose which one best suits your need. To sum up, by using certain applications you can still explore more the use of your iPhone, in this case, is to use your iPhone for a webcam for certain purposes.

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