Installing Two WhatsApp in One Phone; Non Cloning Phone

If you are using a double SIM cards phone, you can use both SIM cards to make phone call and send text message. But can you use two WhatsApp in your phone? What if your phone doesn’t support application cloning? Can you still use two WhatsApp in one phone? Yes, you can do it even when your phone doesn’t support application cloning.

Nowdays, many Android phones have supported the ability to clone WhatsApp. Take for example: Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Honor. Those Chinese brands seem to understand the market demand a lot. They are aware that nowadays may people are using more than one phone number for several reasons. For instance, work and private.

In this case, because people need to separate their work apart from their private life, they usually use two (or more) phone number. Take for example; they do not want to be disturbed by any work-related matter during their vacation, so they will only use one specific phone number which his or her work colleagues do not know.

This double applications is also needed in WhatsApp, so that when they use specific WhatsApp number only the people he or she aim that can contact him or her. Therefore, a developer came up with the idea of creating application that can help to clone WhatsApp and other applications.

This application answers the need of installing two whatssapp or cloning applications in one phone even when the phone does not support WhatsApp cloning. To install two WhatsApp in one phone, we can use supporting application known as “Parallel Space”.

Using Parallel Space to Install Two WhatsApp in One Phone

How to install two WhatsApp using Parallel Space? Please follow the steps below:
1. Go to Google play and search for “Parallel Space”.
2. Install the Parallel space in your phone.

3. Once Parallel Space is installed, you can easily clone your WhatsApp.
4. After you install the Parallel space, just press the application and you can then add your other new WhatsApp number.

5. After cloning the WhatsApp, off course you will still have to or need to verify or confirm your phone number you register.

Once you have verified or confirmed your phone number, you can then use your two WhatsApp in one phone. Way simpler than bringing two phones everywhere you go. Now installing two WhatsApp in one non cloning phone is very easy.

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