GB Whatsapp Apps ; Alternative Application for Normal Whatsapp Messenger

GB WhatsApp Apps – Many of you may still use the normal WhatsApp messenger on your Android phone. We do not know yet that there is actually some alternative applications of WhatsApp messenger like the GB WhatsApp.

We all know that WhatsApp has now become a very dominant messenger application. Almost all people who use smartphones are installing WhatsApp messenger in it. WhatsApp is the main messenger people nowadays are using due to its handy features.

Aside from the normal WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is an alternative application to normal WhatsApp messenger. Even though the normal WhatsApp messenger has given many handy features, GB WhatsApp offers more complete features.

There are features that GB WhatsApp can serve, but the normal WhatsApp application cannot. For instance, you can install 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone by using the GB WhatsApp. We will discuss more of the features that GB WhatsApp later on after the specification of the app.

Detail Specification of GB WhatsApp App

GB WhatsApp has undergone several upgrades and version up. The latest version of the software is the GB WhatsApp 7.10. For your information, here is the GB WhatsApp version information:

Software Name: GBWhatsApp

Version: 7.10

Developer: GBMods

Android version requirement: 4.0+

Last update: Jan 22, 2019

App size: 28.3 MB

Miscellaneous: Available with all WhatsApp features, added with the hidden features

What Are The Features Of GB WhatsApp?

If you are feeling that WhatsApp has already had complete features, you are not wrong at all. But what if there are some other features added to complete those “already complete” features? That is going to be awesome!

At a certain point, you may behave ever thought: How can I read this WhatsApp message without being recognized? or: How can I hide my WhatsApp last online status? or Can I customize to whom my WhatsApp last seen status can be recognized?

If you are one of the WhatsApp users who experience that kind of situation, the GB WhatsApp may be the application you need. Yes, GB WhatsApp adds some features which normal WhatsApp cannot perform. To see more of the features, please see below the list of GB WhatsApp features:

  • Copy a friend’s status update. With GB WhatsApp, it is now possible to copy your friend’s status to clipboard. All you need to do is just clicking on your friend’s status update.
  • Directly access the link on the status update. It means that you can directly open the link when your friend posted a web link (or whatever internet link) in his/her status update.
  • You can see the difference between broadcast and the normal WhatsApp message chat.
  • Not showing name and date when you are copying multiple (more than one) messages.
  • Sending up to 90 images to your contact. (Normal WhatsApp messenger app can only send maximum 10 images).
  • Changing app icon and notification from the GB WhatsApp setting page.
  • With the GB WhatsApp, you can send a large-sized of the video file. In the normal WhatsApp messenger app, you can send a maximum of 16 MB of the video file, while GB WhatsApp can accommodate up to 100 MB of the video file.
  • Longer status updates are now possible with the GB WhatsApp apps. You used to be able to only post up to 135 characters of status updates. Now with GB WhatsApp, you can share up to 250 characters of status updates. So, worry not if you want to share some long quotes through your status updates.

All the above-mentioned features are the ones that the normal WhatsApp app does not offer. Aside from those advanced features, there are still many other features that are also available and can always be used as well. Such as:

  • Group statistic counter.
  • A much better-performing media preview loading. Unlike the normal WhatsApp, the media preview loading is much better in the GB WhatsApp.
  • Bubbles and tick can be changed or modified as you desire.
  • Options of the theme. You can apply different themes.
  • Hide your “Last seen” from a specific person in your contacts with only one click.
  • Ability to send a wider broadcast message. You can broadcast messages to 600 people in your contact instead of 250 people (in a normal WhatsApp app).
  • You can disable the voice calling features.
  • Scheduled message sending. It is possible to set the timing/schedule when you want a certain message to be sent to your contact. This will be useful to send congratulatory messages. For example birthdays.
  • Recall message feature. You can recall the message you have sent.
  • Front camera flash whenever you are taking a selfie. If your front camera is equipped with flash, the GB WhatsApp also provides the feature to enable you to use it.
  • Media visibility setting for certain contacts.
  • Auto-reply feature. You can set the auto-reply to the contact you want. It means that the message will be automatically sent from your GB WhatsApp.
  • Group call ability.
  • If you do not want to accept a call from a certain contact, you can disable the call in GB WhatsApp.
  • Check the deleted message from certain contact or group chat.

Besides, the normal WhatsApp features are also available in the GB WhatsApp. What are the normal WhatsApp features that GB WhatsApp serves? Please see below list:

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Stickers
  • and many other normal WhatsApp features are also available in the GB WhatsApp.

Installing GB WhatsApp App

To use the GB WhatsApp, of course you have to install it first in your device. Therefore, you will need to get the APK file or program master file first. Go to the below link to get the GB WhatsApp APK file.

GB WhatsApp APK File

** Sorry, the above link is no longer providing the APK, will inform soon after I get another source

How to install GB WhatsApp? Please follow the below steps:

a. From your mobile phone’s menu, go to Setting – Security (here you will see the “Unknown Sources” option) – tick on this option.

Install GB Whatsapp
Setting for GB WhatsApp Installation

b. As you have previously got and saved the GB WhatsApp APK file from the above link, click on it and click the install button. The installation will then perform and please wait until it is complete and a successful installation message is shown.

GB Whatsapp Installation
GB WhatsApp Installation

c. Open the GB WhatsApp apps. Then, you will need to enter your registered WhatsApp contact number (just like when you use the normal WhatsApp application).

GB Whatsapp Verification
GB WhatsApp Verification

d. After that, there will be a verification process. The verification code will be sent via SMS or by phone to your registered contact number and will run automatically if the contact number is installed on the phone in which you install the GB WhatsApp.

e. After the verification phase is complete, you are ready to use the GB WhatsApp on your mobile phone.


Sometimes we wonder if certain apps have some additional features. So is what we are thinking about the WhatsApp messenger app. Thus, the GB WhatsApp can provide some additional features you need aside from the “normal” features of WhatsApp. But then, there are benefits we can get and also (maybe) weakness of the GB WhatsApp.

Pros of GB WhatsApp

As previously discussed, GB WhatsApp enables you to dig deeper into the features of WhatsApp. It gives you something you may not get from the normal WhatsApp. This is because there are features that the normal WhatsApp does not provide. Therefore, as long as you can use control of the use in a good way, this will help you in many ways and take you to a different experience phase of using WhatsApp messenger.

Cons of GB WhatsApp

As this GB WhatsApp apps is a modification of the normal WhatsApp, there is always possible that this will be facing some error, even if there is only a small chance. In addition, the GB WhatsApp app is only a tool. A tool that is actually aimed to give you more experience when you are using WhatsApp messenger with the additional features it serves. Thus, whether it will be used for good or not, it absolutely depends on the users as well.

This is what I found from the GB WhatsApp apps if there are any new updates I will also update it into this article. Meantime, please feel free to share your experience in the comment box if you face or have something to add.

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