What To Consider When Starting Online Store? (Part 2)

As previous post on starting online store easily, let us proceed to the next steps. As previously discussed, we need to be unique, considering the competition, platform we will use and optimization. Going deeper, there are some things to be further done to generate customers. Yes, as you are to run internet based business in online store scope of business you will rely your business to the internet users that will be your prospected customers of your products. Here are the things to be maximize when you are starting an online store:

5. Don’t just sell
As internet offers world wide range of market, customers have so many options from which store they want to purchase a thing. Price competition is also tight as there are bigger online seller who can cut the price just to be able to compete in the market competition.

Therefore, in this scope of business you cannot just sell products. You need to be creative in building your own market or customers. One suggestion is that you need to involve yourself in the community of the product you want to sell. In addition, link your customer to your own built unique products. With this, you will built a community of specifically segmented customers that can be the market for your online store.

6. Don’t forget about SEO
As the business you are about to build is internet based or online based, you can never neglect the role of SEO. For bloggers, they can build their image through the writing they create in every of their blog post. In the online store case, some owners or online store builder only care on the products they sell while pay a little attention that their online store is dependent on the search engine coverage.

Therefore, they usually just put a very short and simple description on the products which is actually not really search engine friendly. So, how would people find your online store if they cannot find it through the search engine? The SEO problem that usually happen on online store it that the post is very short, that does not comply with minimum requirement from google algorithm.

In this case the post will then be considered as low quality by the google search engine. As a result the online store will find it difficult to reach top page in the search engine.

7. Make use of customers’ feedback/input
Never neglect the customers’ testimony, feedback or review. Let’s use our own point of view; when we hear a friend’s opinion about certain thing, don’t we become interested to look into it further? This also applied in the online shop.

Most customers will look into previous buyers’ review on the products before they decide to purchase. Hence, providing best service, providing space for customers’ review and inviting customers to write their review will surely be a good point.

8. Use social media
Social media is a powerful online tool. Nowadays we can say that even a dog has Facebook account. Therefore, your online store should also have social media account. By this, you can interact with your customers. By building good communication with your customers you will expand the opportunity of getting new order from them. In addition, you can also share or promote your post of the new product in the website to the social media in where people are using more.

9. Spread newsletter
Newsletter is also a good weapon in promoting your online store. You need to attract your visitors to register in the newsletter. For example, give certain discount for them if they register in the newsletter. Also, give clear space so that they are not confused on how to register in the newsletter. Through the newsletter, you can promote new products, invite them to write reviews, announce discount and many more.

Therefore, never neglect newsletter as a secret weapon in your online store.
Well, by doing all those mentioned ideas and suggestions, hopefully will be a guidance to start your successful online shop with loyal customers.

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