The Best Android Antivirus

The best android antivirus-In this era, it seems that almost all people own cell phone. As we all may realize, most of those cell phones are using android operating system. Yes, android has been mostly used operating system in the world. In regards to android’s fame, there will always be risk of virus or malware attack in your android device. Therefore, it is a wise decision to prevent the attack to your device by installing suitable antivirus. Why do we need to install antivirus in our android based cell phones? I am sure that none of us want our android cell phone is attached by virus or malware that can cause data insecurity. Then, what is the best android antivirus to install? Here they are, let’s take a look one by one.

The Most Recommended Android Antivirus to install

1. Avira Antivirus Security

One of the best android antivirus in 2018 is Avira. Avira is a free  antivirus. One of the most tempting feature is that Avira Antivirus can scan your external SD card as well. Therefore, Avira android antivirus is a practical android antivirus. Moreover Avira antivirus is able to scan check whether the email in our contact list ever suffer from data breaches.

2. AhnLab V3 Antivirus

Ahnlab V3 antivirus is not as famous as Avira. Nevertheless, we include Ahnlab V3 application as this South Korean antivirus is also widely used due to some helpful feature that will be beneficial for you. For instance, there is anti-theft feature which enable you to track, wipe and lock your lost-android cell phone.

In addition, there are features to create hidden gallery and clear your browsing history. But unfortunately Ahnlab V3 comes with 10 days of free trial which means you have to pay after 10 days.

3. Norton Android Antivirus

A popular name for antivirus, Norton has been creating antivirus since the personal computer era. A widely used antivirus for personal computer. The good news is that Norton antivirus is free. Norton is able to detect virus in certain application and wipe the virus as it is powered by Norton Mobile insight. There is also feature to lock your cell phone through SMS or when SIM card is replaced. It will also lock he phone in case of fail entering correct pass code for 10 times.

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky, an old player in the antivirus world provides free and also paid android antivirus. But no worries, as free Kasperky  already has fabulous features and performance. A strong point is that Kaspersky supports Android wear. Kaspersky has the ability to block malicious sites before you click it. Summary; it is able to block malicious sites or links.



5. Avast Mobile security

Featured points: anti-theft, call blocking. Avast has also been a famous antivirus creator for personal computer. The anti-theft feature enables you to remotely lock your cell phone when it is lost. In addition, Avast also enables you to block certain call which you consider bothering.

The good thing is that the Avast is now going free but with ads (no problem, but at least it is free). In the premium version, there I an “in-app locking” feature. With this feature so that PIN will be requested whenever you attempt to open certain application.

6. McAfee Security and Power Booster

A fantastic feature of McAfee is that in the anti-theft feature it can even take the thief’s photo. Awesome! An antivirus producer which is well- known in the PC anti virus creator is also providing antivirus for Android.

Like the anti-theft feature in the other antivirus application, McAfee can also remotely wipe data and lock the phone when your phone is lost or stolen. Moreover, you can also block call or text from certain unwanted contact. Not to forget its ability to scan applications in case of the risk in leaking data access in your phone and even lock them if needed.


Well, those are some the best Android antivirus which I expect can be a reference for you to choose which antivirus suits your need. But one thing to consider after knowing those most recommended android antivirus is that you should not neglect the importance of installing antivirus in your Android cell phone. We need to be aware from any possible data or information leak.

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