How To Control Windows Computer From An Android With TeamViewer

Control Computer From Android Phone

Imagine if you can control your Windows computer using your Android phone. Accessing your Windows computer will so much be easier. Moreover, almost all of you are using an Android phone, don’t you?

Once in my workplace, I experienced my computer needed certain settings. Since the one authorized to do the setting was only the IT department in the head office, I had to ask for their assistance. The problem was that my location was miles away from the IT department office. But the distance was not a problem because IT can do it remotely. I was amazed by that. To sum up, the IT guy remotely controlled and accessed my computer from distance with no problem. Awesome!

Now, the question is how to control a Windows computer from an android phone? Can we directly do it? Or do we need certain third party software or application to control Windows a computer from an android phone?

Access and Manage Your Windows Computer With TeamViewer App

Some of you may have heard about the TeamViewer app. But do you know what TeamViewer is? TeamViewer is an internet-based application or software which enables you to control or access a computer remotely or in distance.

There are several versions of the TeamViewer app which each is applicable for certain or specific operating systems. For example Windows, Android or iOS.

When you have successfully connected your Windows computer with your android phone with TeamViewer, it means that your computer display will also be seen from your Android phone. Therefore, you will be able to see what is on the computer display and also control it.

To set the remote control to your Windows computer from Android phone, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the TeamViewer app and install it on your Android phone. (it is a free application or software). Please see the below figure.

    Download and Install TeamViewer on Android
    Download and Install TeamViewer on
  2. Download and install the TeamViewer app and install it in your Windows computer from this LINK.

    Download TeamViewer for Windows Computer
    Download TeamViewer for Windows
  3. Launch or open TeamViewer on your computer to see your computer ID (you will need this ID and password later to enter into your TeamViewer in your Android).

    TeamViewer on Computer
    TeamViewer on
  4. Open TeamViewer on your Android device and enter your Windows computer ID and password.

    TeamViewer on Android Login
    TeamViewer on Android
  5. Then, there will be a quick guide on how to use the mouse through your Android phone (Please see below screenshot).

    TeamViewer Mouse Quick Guide
    TeamViewer Mouse Quick
  6. As simple as that, up to this step you are now able to control your Windows computer with your Android phone. You can do whatever you want to do to your computer through your Android phone now. For instance: copy file, delete files, transfer files and many more.


If there is a concern about how one can have access, control and manage a Windows computer with an Android phone, it is now possible. TeamViewer enables any of you who need it. When you can remote your computer, you will have more flexibility and render you ease in doing a certain task. Additionally, it saves you more time and also cost. Hopefully, this tutorial helps you. Cheers!

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