Cmder Best Terminal Emulator For Windows PC

Cmder Terminal Emulator for Windows PC

Cmder is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows PC. This program has become many system operators and programmers alternative to replicate the Unix style console. This situation is due to the fact that Windows is always weak in the interface of the command line. Consequently, it forces many programmers and system administrators to look for and use another program to bridge the need. And therefore, Cmder comes up as one of the best terminal emulator for Windows PC OS.

Here, I am going to discuss why Cmder can be one of the best emulator for Windows OS PC. You will be presented with the pros and cons of the terminal emulator so that you will be getting the reference to whether this terminal emulator best suits your need or not.

What is Cmder Terminal Emulator?

As cited from Cmder official website, this Windows terminal emulator (Cmder) is a software package that is developed due to the absence of appropriate and fancy console emulators on Windows. The development is based on an amazing ConEmu console emulator.


Modification is also adding the Clink feature to enhance the capability. This means that you will be able to use the Cmder terminal emulator for Windows to perform the bash-style completion.

Additionally, it is modified with the custom layout and added with the Monokai color scheme, the terminal emulator becomes more catchy and looks more interesting.

Pros and Cons of Cmder Windows Terminal Emulator

There is nothing perfect in this world. Likewise, the Cmder Terminal Emulator for Windows OS. Therefore, please read below the pros and cons of the Cmder for further consideration whether this is the Windows terminal emulator best suits your need.

Cmder Terminal Emulator for Windows Pros

The attractive appearance of the Cmder terminal emulator. As previously mentioned, the Monokai color scheme is embedded in this emulator. It makes the look more attractive yet fancy. The Monokai color scheme brings the possibility to customize the color and scheme’s transparency.

If you need it coordinates with certain command lines applications, for example, Powershell, CMD, and MinTTY. Don’t worry. Just like the ConEmu, Cmder also very well-coordinates with mentioned applications for the command line.

Portability. There is a portable version of the software. This is one of the reasons why Cmder is one of the best terminal emulator for Windows PC among the kind. How can this be a good advantage?

Sure, because with this it means that you can use it everywhere, anytime you need it. You don’t need to install it. All you need is USB or cloud storage to store the software.

In addition, the Cmder terminal emulator for Windows OS PC works smoothly and efficiently with VS code terminal. Isn’t it great?

Cmder Terminal Emulator Cons

Despite all the pros I have mentioned above, the application also has some cons. Hopefully, this will be a good consideration for you. Here are some cons for your consideration whether Cmder best suits your need.

  • Some specific commands have problems with non-Unicode characters
  • The portable version does not come with Unix commands. Unix commands only available on the full version.
  • Slower than ConEmu

How to Install Cmder on Windows OS

In order to be able to use Cmder on your Windows OS, you will need to follow the below steps as cited from Cmder Official website.

Download Cmder Windows Terminal Emulator
Download Cmder Windows Terminal Emulator
  1. Download the Cmder latest version v1.3.15 2020/06/26 from the official website. Or follow this LINK for the mini version. Or this LINK for the full version.
  2. Unzip the downloaded Cmder.
  3. To be able to be injected into your PATH, please place your own executable file into the “bin” folder. NOTE: it is an optional step.
  4. Run the Cmder.exe. And it is set and ready to use.

Keyboard Shortcut for Cmder Console Emulator

In addition to the above review of the Cmder Windows console emulator, here are keyboard shortcuts you will need when using the app.

Cmder shell shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + Alt + u: Traverse up in directory structure
  2. End, Home, Ctrl: Traverse text as usual on Windows
  3. Ctrl + r : History search
  4. Shift + mouse: Select and copy text from the buffer
  5. Right-click / Ctrl + Shift + V : Paste text

Shortcuts for tab manipulation

  1. Ctrl + ` : Global Summon from taskbar
  2. Win + Alt + p : Preferences (Or right-click on title bar)
  3. Ctrl + t: New tab dialog
  4. Ctrl + w : Close tab
  5. Shift + Alt + number : Fast new tab: 1. CMD and 2. PowerShell
  6. Alt + Enter : Fullscreen


There are some other terminal emulators for Windows OS you can also choose. Even though they have similar (or the same) functions, they may have some differences in the features.

Cmder terminal emulator or console emulator for Windows PC which deserves your attention. As the features mentioned along with the pros why you need to consider it, there are also some lacks to think about. Well, the choice is yours. I will discuss some other alternatives for your further reference in the future post. Cheers!

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