My Computer Is Infected By Ransomware; How To Remove Ransomware from My Computer?

Remove Ransomware From Computer

“How to remove ransomware from my computer? Because I think ransomware has infected my computer”. Once I found this kind of question from a friend, that I tried to do some research, trial, and error for this purpose.

I have previously discussed the preventive acts to do to prevent ransomware attacks on your computer. But what if your computer has already been infected? How can we remove ransomware from the Windows computer?

Let us recall a little bit about what ransomware is. Ransomware is a kind of computer program or malware or virus whose purpose is to encrypt your data. Therefore, you will not be able to access or open those data without decryption code or key.

Thievery Using Ransomware
Thievery Using

After that, the developer or creator of the ransomware will ask for some of the ransom money in exchange for the decryption key or code of the data or file which is occupied. This ransomware is usually spread through the internet connection.

Steps For Ransomware Removal From Your Computer

There are some recommended steps for the Ransomware removal attempt. We are going to list them one by one. Windows and MAC are two major operating systems, hence I will discuss the removal steps for both operating systems. Let us discuss one by one.

Ransomware Removal Steps For Windows Computer

For a Windows computer, I am suggesting 2 ways for this removal attempt. Please see below.

1. Using Ransomfree from Cybereason

To protect your computer from viruses, you can use the antivirus. Similar to antivirus, Ransomfree works to protect your Windows computer from incoming Ransomware.

Ransomfree works like antivirus. It runs in the background whenever you turn on your computer. It prevents the Ransomware attack by scanning the data or file you try to open. As a result of the scanning, the Ransomfree will alarm you when a threat is detected. Thus you can avoid the Ransomware infection by removing directly.

Ransomfree to Remove Ransomware
Ransomfree to Remove

Please follow this LINK to get the Ransomfree and install it on your Windows computer.

2. By Doing The System Restore

If you are choosing to do the system restore, there is no need to install the program into your computer. You can follow the below steps from your Windows computer.

  1. Restart your computer. When the booting process is going, press F8
  2. After that, go to Safe Mode.
  3. The CMD Windows screen will be showing.
  4. Enter the CD restore and rstrui.exe one by one.
  5. System Restore Wizard will be presented to you. And you can follow the next instruction from the screen.

Ransomware Removal For MAC

1. Using the Ransomware

Ransomware Removal Using Ransomwhere
Ransomware Removal Using Ransomware

If you are MAC users, Ransomware may be the best solution to get rid of a Ransomware attack. Ransomware works by scanning the data or files to find which are infected. Then, it will work on the decryption attempt to free up the data or file from the Ransomware occupancy.

2. MAC System Restore

Another way to get rid of Ransomware from MAC is by restoring the system. Similar way you can do on a Windows computer. Though, as it is a different operating system, please follow the below guidance steps.

  1. Restart your MAC device >> press Command + R until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Choose the “Disk Utility” and then press on the “Continue” button.
  3. Click on the first disk and proceed to the “Repair Disk“. In this step, if there is an error found in the disk, the system will repair it.
  4. Choose on the “Quit Disk Utility“. After that, you will see the “Reinstall OSX“, go and proceed with this option.
  5.  There will be clear instructions given, please follow it accordingly. During the process you have to enter your Apple ID, please go with it. Your OSX copy attempt will complete when the process finish and the existing data or file will be securely kept.


Keeping away from Ransomware has become a frustrating thing. Especially, when the Ransomware has successfully infected your computer system. Therefore, we need to do preventive steps.

The above tips are suggested when the Ransomware has gone infecting your computer system. Hopefully, those suggestions can help you remove the ransomware from your computer system and secure your data or files. Let me know your comment after trying it and your experience dealing with a Ransomware attack. Cheers!

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