Review On What Is Discord App

Discord App Review

What is Discord app? Some of you may have heard about the Discord app but still do not understand what Discord app is. So, this is the right place for you to get a better understanding to get the review about the Discord app.

What Is Discord?

In brief, Discord is a chat app. It is specially designed to enable a group of people to talk, chat, and hang out in real-time. Unlike Slack, which is specially designed for business communication, Discord can be used by any kind of group. For example, a group of gamers, school students, or it is also possible if you want to use it with your group of friends.

By using Discord you will be able to be in touch with your colleagues in the group chat at anytime online and in real-time. Hence, hanging out with friends can be very simple. You can discuss or talk about any sort of topic with your friends at any time.

Not only written chats, but you can also use Discord for a video conference with your colleagues. This is what I mean by hanging out with friends. Since you can also use the app to stream a game to your friends or present something on your screen to your friends.

Why You Should Use Discord

There are some pros of Discord that can be your consideration whether to use the app or this suits your need.

Topic-based text conversation channel

It means that you can organize the discussion based on certain topics you want. Therefore, there is no way of mixing up unspecified topics.

Create your own discussion space or server

The room or space where you can have a conversation or hang out with your friends in Discord is called as server. The Discord server you create is your home. You can invite the person you want to this server.

By doing this, you can talk, chat, or hang out with the people you want only. By this, you can avoid any random unwanted participants mingling around your Discord server seeing what is discussed inside your Discord server.

Feature to talk

The feature to talk is very interesting when you are keen on hanging out with your friends on Discord. you can both use the talk feature and video so that hanging out with friends is just a matter of a click on your hands.

Customer support

Another thing that will be a good point is that there is a customer support page. This is where you can get suggestions for troubleshooting. It will be good initial troubleshooting before you can reach the customer support or the developer’s Twitter account for further assistance.

Is Discord App Safe?

When you are using Discord, to communicate or hang out with your friends you will have to create a space called a server.  In other words, the server is the place or room where you can talk, chat, or hang out with your friends.

How can someone enter a Discord server? Someone or a person can enter a certain Discord server based on invitation. Therefore, there is no way that someone outside of the dedicated members can follow the discussion or communication in a Discord server.

Totally different from other social media, in Discord, you will not see any news feed or a number of likes. Hence, the interaction between or among a Discord server member is limited to specific, dedicated, and invited member.

How To Download and Install Discord

What operating system are you using? Can I use Discord on the Windows operating system? Name any operating system you use. No matter if you are using Windows or Mac, you can install and use Discord in both operating systems. From Linux, Windows, to Mac, the app is available.

Download Discord for Windows
Download Discord for Windows

Discord app is available for any operating system. If you want to download the Discord app for Windows, Linux, Mac, or any other operating system, you can get it HERE.

Download Discord for iOS and Android
Download Discord for iOS and Android

After finishing the download, you can double click on the app, and follow the instruction to install Discord on your PC. Just like any other app installation you have usually done.

Download Discord for Linux and Mac
Download Discord for Linux and Mac


Discord is a good app to use for interactive communication with friends in a group. As it provides you with talk, video, and screen sharing features, it enables you to hang out virtually with your friends.

Additionally, in my view, I believe that this app’s main purpose is for a group of friends and community chat or talk. Not really for formal or business communication. Feel free to drop your comment if you have another opinion to say. Cheers!

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