Tricks How To Remove Ads In Android Mobile Games

Remove Ads From Android Mobile Games

Some people are thinking about how to remove ads in android mobile games they are playing. The reason is that they are feeling annoyed with the popping up ads when they are playing the android mobile games. Yes, many android mobile games are coming with ads in it. The android mobile games creators intentionally do it to earn some money from the ads. You know, developing games need energy, so getting some penny from every downloaded game will help them develop the games better. That is why games can be released for free.

But from the users’ point of view, the ads sometimes are very annoying. They do not really understand (or do not care) how much energy has the game developers pour into creating the games for them. Hence, many users are seeking how they can remove the ads from android mobile games. This is done merely that they can enjoy the games only, without spending time seeing the ads.

Well, here I am going to share tricks on how you can disable the ads from android mobile games. Please follow the below suggestions.

Disable and Remove Ads in Android Mobile Games

The ads that appear in the games you are playing always require an online internet connection. As of this, the key to disable or remove the ads from the android games you are playing is by shutting down the internet connection on your phone. Here are the ways that you can do.

Disable the game’s internet access

As the ads always need internet access to the load, by disabling the game’s internet access it the ads shall not appear anymore. This is how to disable the games’ internet access.

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> find the games you want to remove the ads and tap on it.
  2. Find the “Restrict data usage“, tap on it, and disable the data usage.
    Restrict Data Usage on Android
    Restrict Data Usage on Android

    Restrict Data Usage on Android Games
    Restrict Data Usage on Android Games
  3. DONE.

By doing this, the game you are playing will not have access to the internet. That is why the ads will not appear anymore.

Setting the phone into airplane mode

Similar to the above trick, the aim of setting the phone into the airplane mode is to disable the internet connection on the phone. Here is how to set the phone into airplane mode.

  1. Swipe down from your home screen
  2. Tap on the airplane icon to enable the airplane mode of your phone. Or go to Settings and enable the airplane mode from the settings.
    Enable Airplane Mode to Remove Ads From Android Games
    Enable Airplane Mode to Remove Ads From Android Games

    NOTE: These two tricks may only work when the game lets you play offline.

Using the in-app purchase

Some games are coming with the offer in-app purchase. The developers usually offer the in-app purchase for ads removal mean. Therefore, you may check whether the games you play come with in-app purchases. If so, by paying a few dollars, you will be able to get rid of the annoying ads from your game forever.


It is true that popping up ads sometimes is very annoying. Therefore, the tricks on removing ads from android games as above are always worth trying. By doing this, of course, it will reduce the data or bandwidth consumption on your phone. Yet, we also need to understand that the ads fund the games’ developers to create the games you are playing.

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