How To Protect Computer From Ransomware Attack

How To Protect Computer From Ransomware

As there are some people experience about the attack of ransomware, it is highly recommended for you to protect your computer from ransomware threat. This is because of ransomware attacks through the internet. And as we know, nowadays most computers around the world connect to the internet.

Ransomware is spreading to attack your computer to block certain access. I think many of you may have understood it. The objective of the creator is to ask for a sum of money in exchange to release the occupancy of the computer from the ransomware.

Can we say it is a kind of hijacking purpose? Yes, you may say that in a simple way. Therefore, if you are in search of ransomware threat prevention, you are about to have the suggestions in this article.

What Is Ransomware?

There are many kinds of computer programs. The program’s developer may have a different purpose in creating it. Is Ransomware also a computer program? Yes, Ransomware is a program. But this program is created or develop for a bad purpose.

Similar to a computer virus or Android virus, ransomware works to cause a problem on the computer. Ransomware is a computer program that works by encrypting certain file types. As a consequence, the owner of the computer will not be able to access those files until he or she gets the decryption code or key. In this situation, the ransomware developer will ask to surrender the sum of money or bitcoin in exchange for the decryption key or code.

How To Prevent Ransomware Attack To Your Computer

Most people do not understand how valuable something is until they lose it. Likewise, many computer users are not so much aware of how important it is to protect their computers with their assets until outbound attacks occupy their computers.

Regarding this, I am going to focus the discussion on how to protect your computer from a ransomware attack in this section. There are several recommendations you will find if you search it, but this time I am going to point 5 recommended steps to prevent ransomware attack on your computer.

How to avoid Ransomware attack on your computer.

1. Do not open an email attachment from an unknown or suspicious sender.

All of us are aware that nearly all computer users have email. And the Ransomware developers see this as a legit opportunity to spread their threat.

I strongly suggest not to open any form of email attachment from an unknown sender to protect your computer from ransomware. It is because that the ransomware developer has now been very tricky. They can integrate the ransomware into any form of file format, for instance, PDF, word or excel file.

How To Prevent
How To Prevent

Computer users used to recognize whether the email attachment is a threat or not by the file format or extension. I mean that people will notice that the file is virus or malware when the attachment uses.EXE file extension. But as it is well-understood by the ransomware developer, they use different ways that are integrating the ransomware with normal email attachment file extension (example: PDF, word or excel).

2. Install trusted security package, antivirus or defender.

If you are typically an “I do not care” person towards antivirus, you need to change your mind after reading this. Why? Because when ransomware has attacked your computer system, more headaches you will have.

That way of thinking may be still safe 5 or 7 years back. But it is an old-fashioned belief which is irrelevant for today.

How To Prevent Ransomware
Prevent Ransomware Attack With

I believe that you already familiar or know about antivirus out there. You can choose whichever reliable antivirus you like. Avast, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Avira are examples of trusted, reliable, and well-known players in the antivirus world. You can choose any of them.

3. Frequently Backup your data

To backup, your data is always a wise option to secure it. Even if you have to spend a little more time to do it, it is always recommended and better than having to fully lose access to your data.

Backup File To Prevent Ransomware
Backup File To Prevent

Backing up your data or files is recommended because we never know how far the ransomware developers have found the leak or loophole in your computer system or program. Even when you have installed antivirus, we never know if the ransomware developers have one step ahead in finding the weakness of your antivirus.

4. Regularly update your software

Why are software developers always make the update? They are doing this because they are always trying to make perfection in the program. In other words, they are revising the program in case there is a weakness in it.

Ransomware developers are clever people who are always seeking for any chance to get into the program to occupy it. Hence, even if there is only a small hole, they will make use and expose it to their need.

Update Software to Protect from Ransomware
Update Software to Protect from

Because of this reason, updating your software or program regularly will also be a way to protect your computer from ransomware attacks.

5. Disconnect your computer from the internet connection.

This step is recommended as a final step when you have already open any files which are suspected as ransomware. But please keep in mind that this step has to be done immediately after you open the file.

Disconnect Computer from Internet
Disconnect Computer from

Disconnecting all internet access to your computer will help to protect from ransomware attacks. It is because after being open in your computer, the ransomware needs to communicate with its server through the internet to proceed with the occupancy aim.


If you are still thinking that your computer is always in a safe situation without any threat, you need to upgrade your way of thinking considering nowadays’s technology situation. As technology develops and has reached a higher level, so does the thievery who is making use of technology.

Therefore, to protect and prevent any thievery aim to get into your computer system is always better than having the experience on it. Hopefully, those above recommendations are expected to give you hints to protect your computer from a ransomware attack.

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