Installing Two WhatsApp in One Phone; Non Cloning Phone

If you are using a double SIM cards phone, you can use both SIM cards to make phone call and send text message. But can you use two WhatsApp in your phone? What if your phone doesn’t support application cloning? Can you still use two WhatsApp in one phone? Yes, you can use two WhatsApp in one phone even when your phone doesn’t support application cloning.

Nowdays, many Android phones have supported the ability to clone WhatsApp. Take for example: Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Honor. Those Chinese brands seem to understand the market demand a lot. They are aware that … [Read more..]

The Best Android Antivirus

The best android antivirus-In this era, it seems that almost all people own cell phone. As we all may realize, most of those cell phones are using android operating system. Yes, android has been mostly used operating system in the world. In regards to android’s fame, there will always be risk of virus or malware attack in your android device. Therefore, it is a wise decision to secure your android based cell phones by installing appropriate antivirus. Why do we need to install antivirus in our android based cell phones? I am sure that none of us want … [Read more..]

Only Whatsapp Group Admin Can Send Chats

How to set Whatsapp so that only Whatsapp group admin that is able to send message? Some of you who are creating Whatsapp group and mean it as an information board might sometimes question this. As we know, Whatsapp has currently taken the role of many other instant messengers. We can even say that most of us, gadget users instal Whatsapp in out mobile phone. One feature that is so much beneficial is the Whatsapp Group. As through Whatsapp group we can have chat with many people in one chat room. People use the Whatsapp group in order to communicate … [Read more..]