Record Screen on Windows 10 Easily Without Additional App

You must be familiar with how to capture your Windows screen or taking a screenshot, but how to record screen in Windows 10? Don’t worry, there is an easy way to record your video screen in Windows 10 without an additional app.

Many Windows 10 users do not realize or aware that they have a screen recording tool in it. This is a reasonable thing since Windows itself does not openly disclose the tool to the users.

This is a very useful tool. As we all understand that the need for screen recording in Windows 10 has become very important now. For example, you need to make a tutorial video, it will be easier to show a video to the viewer.

How to Record Video Screen on Windows 10

If you are checking in the Start menu bar on your Windows 10, you will not find the tool. Yes, as mentioned before, the tool is not shown openly. Additionally, this tool is not an independent app that you can open and use as the other tools or apps. But, it is a part of the Xbox Game feature in your Windows 10 operating system.

There is a shortcut you need to use to access the screen recording tool. So, this is how you can do the screen recording, please follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows key + G (exactly at the same time together) to open the Xbox game bar. And you will see below pop up of the screen recording tool.
Windows Screen Recording Tool
Windows Screen Recording Tool –
  • To start recording your screen, please press on the recording button as below.
Windows Screen Recording Start Record
Start Recording –

Or you can start the recording by pressing Windows + Alt + R at the same time from your keyboard.

  • After finish the recording, you can press on the stop recording button as below figure.
Windows Screen Recording Stop Record
Stop Recording –
  • To find your recorded screen, go to the folder: This PC >> Videos >> Captures. Your screen recording result will be in the mp4 format and normally named after the Windows you open when recording.
Screen Recording in Windows 10 Result
Recording Folder –

As this tool is designed to capture a certain moment during the Xbox gaming, the feature is limited. By using this, you can only perform the screen recording of the Windows or program or file you are opening. Meaning that when you switch to another program or window or file, it will only record the screen of the first window you open.


Many people do not know if they can perform screen recording without additional apps in their Windows 10. Hence by knowing this tool and how to use it, you will now be able to do it easily.

Even if the feature is limited, it still worth trying. Especially if you only need to perform the simple screen recording.

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