Best Video Conference Apps For Windows Computer To Work From Home

Best Video Conference Apps For Windows Computer

By using video conference apps, nowadays, people can conduct and attend a meeting even when he or she cannot physically coming to the meeting room. Yes, technology has developed further that it will enable people to do certain things more easily. Moreover, during the current situation, people are better and recommended to work from home. In response to this situation, I am trying to suggest the best video conference apps for Windows that you can use to work from home.

I believe that many of you are fully aware of why most governments strongly recommend people to stay at home during this outbreak. Yes, this is to minimize the spread of the virus in order to narrow down the spread. Hence, I believe staying at home is the best option to support and involve in the attempt. Even if you have to stay at home, there are some apps you can use to work. At this time, I am going to focus on video conference apps for Windows computers that can help you to work from home.

Recommended Video Conference Apps for Windows

Using Video conference apps to work from home is one alternative you can take. Therefore, it is wise to know what is the video conference apps best suits you by looking at below recommended list.

  • Zoom App Video conference

Zoom app is priorly aimed and well-known for corporate use. Hence, many corporations are familiar with using this video conference app. Nevertheless, there is also a free basic Zoom app available for an individual.

So, if you are interested to use Zoom app, you can choose the free version. Zoom app free version can host up to 100 users to attend the online meeting. That is why this app is a good option if you are to conduct an online meeting with many attendees. The only thing to consider is that the free version limits the duration only up to 40 minutes for more than two meeting participants or group meetings. It means that if your meeting has more than two attendees or users, you only have 40 minutes of meeting duration. A little bit too short.

However, for one on one meeting, Zoom app has unlimited meeting duration. Which means that the Zoom app provides your one on one meeting will not be limited to any certain duration of time. Additionally, the Zoom app comes to be the first recommendation due to its friendly and easily operated user-interface.

  • Starleaf

Firstly launched in 2011 by a UK based company, Starleaf video conference app is famous among the big companies. Therefore, individuals may not be familiar with this video conferencing app.

As it is actually aimed at large company use. That is why any interested organization has to contact the sales or marketing to get the quotation or proposal. But as now, Starleaf is offering free of charge for the basic video and messaging products during this time. That is good news if you need to use this app during the work from the home period.

Offering the ability to facilitate up to 20 meeting participants, Starleaf can be an option if you are to conduct an online meeting during this time. However, there is a time limitation of up to 46 minutes for each meeting. Hence, you will need to re-conduct or reconnect again supposedly the 46 minutes is not enough.

  • Skype Meet Now

I believe that many of you have known Skype very well. Being out in the market since 2003 of the Skype beta version, people normally use it for one on one video call conversation need.

However, updating with its new feature which is the Meet Now, it is now possible for the users to do the video conference. Hence, using Skype Meet Now is one solution for a remote meeting or video conference meeting need during these times. Especially when you have to work from home.

What about the number of video conference meeting participants that Skype Meet Now can accommodate? In this case, each platform and device you use will divine how many participants can attend the meeting with Skype Meet Now.

Actually, without signing up for Skype service, you can conduct a meeting using it. Nevertheless, strongly recommend that you would better download the app first because when I tried to use the non-sign up service error keeps on happening.

Why should you choose Skype Meet Now for a video conference meeting? Well, there are some pros that you need to know about it. For instance, its ability to record the call. It can record the call for up to 30 days! Another thing is that by using it if you have the app, you can blur the background. It means that wherever you are, do not be worry if your background is bad. You can use the app to blur it. Additionally, similar to other online meeting apps, by using Skype Meet Now, you can also share your presentation during the online meeting.

  • Cisco Webex Video Conference App

Another alternative if you are looking for a free video conference app for Windows computer, Cisco Webex might be worth trying.

The prior aim of the Cisco Webex video conference app is for a company or corporation needs. Additionally, Cisco also provides the free version which firstly possible to accommodate 50 to 100 meeting participants.

Another reason to use the Cisco Webex when you are looking for a video conference meeting app for Windows is that there is no time limitation for the meeting. Unlike some other free video conference apps meeting that limits the meeting duration for the free version, Cisco grants you more time flexibility. Moreover, there are also call-in abilities in its features.


During this time, most governments strongly recommend us to stay at home. Therefore, to make to outbreak prevention movement succeed it is better for us to stay at home.

It is true that many people have no option but still to go out of their homes. But for us who can do the work from home, it is better to work from home.

Since there are apps you can use to support your work from home, this article tries to give you insight into which one best suits your needs. If you are looking for the best video conference apps for Windows computers during this time, I do hope this article can help you.

Anyway, if you are keen on music and willing to learn something during this at home time, you might also like this article on making beats softwares for Windows.

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