How To Uninstall And Delete Apps On Samsung Smart TV

Delete Apps on Samsung SmartTV

Are you Samsung Smart TV users and looking for a tutorial on how to uninstall and delete apps on your Samsung Smart TV? Here I am going to share about it.

As you may all have been fully aware, besides producing smartphones, Samsung is also a pioneer for the Smart TV world. Previously, I have shared about the famous Samsung Galaxy 10, now it is the Smart TV turn to discuss.

Uninstalling apps on Samsung Smart TV can be a tricky task to do, especially for those who are not used in using Smart TV. Even for the users or owners itself, this can also be a tricky thing as well. Why is it difficult to uninstall or delete apps on Samsung Smart TV? It is because the menu for this deletion or uninstallation of the apps is not clearly seen.

Though, as there are some different series of smart TV, as concluded from its official, there are also some slightly different methods to apply. To categorize the Samsung Smart TV series, let us cluster them into the new series (K, M, M, and R series) and the old series (the E, F, H and J series).

Uninstall or Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV New Series (K, M, N, and R series)

  • Please press the “Home” button on your OneRemote of your Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV OneRemote
Samsung Smart TV OneRemote
  • You will be taken to the home menu, select the “APPS” through the navigation button on your OneRemote.
Samsung APPS Homescreen
Samsung APPS Homescreen
  • Select the “Option” on the right-top corner on your screen.
Samsung Apps Setting
Samsung Apps Setting
  • Choose which apps you want to delete from your Smart TV. (When you select the app, the “Delete” option will be coming up. Select it.
Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV
Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV
  • When a dialog box pops up, select the “Delete” option.
Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV Confirmation
Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV Confirmation
  • There will be a dialog box message pops up saying “Deleted successfully” when the deletion or uninstallation aim succeeds.

NOTE: For the preloaded apps, you will not see the “Delete” option when you select on the app. This means that you are not allowed to delete or uninstall the preloaded apps. Please see the below screenshot for example.

Cannot Delete Samsung Smart TV Preloaded App
Cannot Samsung Smart TV Preloaded App

Remove Apps on Samsung Smart TV Old Series ( E, F, H and J Series)

For the older series of Samsung Smart TV, there is a little bit different in the menu names. Please follow below step by step method to ensure the successful deletion of the apps.

  • Using the Smart Hub Panel, select the “Apps” menu. After that go to “My Apps“.
  • Find the “Option” menu on the top side, and tap on it.
  • Choose the “Delete My Apps” from the “Option” menu.
  • Find and select the apps you want to uninstall or delete and tap on the “Delete” option on the top of your screen.
  • When you are presented to a confirmation dialog, tap on “Yes” to confirm the deletion and select “OK“.
  • Done, and the apps you do not like or you do not need is successfully deleted from your Smart TV.

Why Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Talking why some users want to uninstall certain apps on their Samsung Smart TV, every user has their own consideration. Let us see why they want to remove or delete the app on their Samsung Smart TV one by one.

  1. The most common reason is that they want to save storage. Yes, it is always true that by removing or deleting some apps will secure the storage space of your device. No matter what your device is.
  2. In relevance to the first reason as above, users feel that some apps are not very much useful for them. Therefore, they would prefer to delete the apps from their Samsung Smart TV rather than keeping the apps to just taking the storage space without any use.
  3. Similarly, some people also say that they uninstall the apps just because they do not like it. Why keeping the apps if you do not like it and use it?
  4. Another simple reason is that they want to simplify the clutter in the apps selection. I believe that when you have a simpler look at the apps selection clutter it will be easier for you to find any app you want to use.


Samsung has been a major player in the electronic industry. You can simply find its best in the Smartphone world. Besides, the electronic giant is also a key player in the Smart TV manufacturer.

There are some users that need to delete certain apps on their Samsung Smart TV. No matter why you need to remove the app, there are some methods you can follow for this purpose. As mentioned above, you need to check which series of Samsung Smart TV you are using since there is a little difference you need to follow in each series cluster.

I do hope that this article will help you.

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