Most Recommended Making Beats Software For Windows

Recommended Making Beat Softwares

Music beats can make your day full of spirit, then, is there an easier way to compose it by using any making beats software for Windows? Yes, there are. Since I have previously discussed MAC Audio Editor Softwares, here I am going to share the most recommended softwares for making beats in Windows computers.

Many of us enjoy listening to music. Whatever the genre is, music has been a part of our life. But do you ever think about how music is composed? I don’t think so.

For music composers, there are some tools they can use to support their work. Both the hardware and also the software. The software they use to compose beat music is also commonly known as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

You can choose free or paid softwares to beat music-making or composing. Of course, each has the pros and cons that which I am going to discuss here one by one. In this article, I am going to share some making beats software, especially for Windows that you can choose before deciding which one best fits your needs.

Best Recommended Making Beats Software for Windows Computer

If you are to choose which one is the best making beats software, you will end up thinking and not taking action. Yes, I may say that way because if we are talking about the software for music beat making, each has its strength along with the weakness. Here I am presenting my best recommendation of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). so that you can choose the one best suits your needs.

Magix Music Maker

To mention one awesome feature of Magix Music Maker is the Melodyne. This is an embedded plug-in that enables you to identify any miss-beat in the music you create. Additionally, this will also help you fix that flaw so that your music beat will be more precise.

Magix Music Maker Making Beats Softwares
Magix Music Maker

Magix Music maker also provides you with great instruments and music production features. Therefore, it will assist you to execute the simple commands. For instance, pan adjustment.

If you need a tutorial on how to use the software, there are also online tutorials. Hence, you do not need to worry about getting help on how to operate it. Another reason I put this DAW in the music beat software is the affordable price with 30 days guarantee of money back. What else can you ask for?

Magix Music Maker Interface
Magix Music Maker Interface

But, if you care about taking attention to the drum plugin in this DAW, it is not that good. Additionally, Magix Music Maker is not compatible with the VST standard. Thus, you cannot make a beat using the MIDI keyboard in this DAW. However, there are virtual instruments that you can use to replace the MIDI keyboard.

Ableton Live 10

Ableton is a DAW that many people have been using. This software keeps on improving on each edition they release. Firstly introduced to the market in 2001, there have been 10 editions until now.

Ableton Live 10 Making Beats Softwares
Ableton Live 10

Ableton was firstly designed and introduced for live music performance. This is one of the reasons that come to be its strength. However, you can also use it for a recording need as it has also been transformed to be a full-recording package.

Another good side of this DAW is the compatibility with hardware. For example, Ableton Push and Ableton Live boisterous. Ableton making beats software also spoils you with numerous sounds stock. By this, you will have plenty of options to use. Besides, when you are using Ableton Live, you will also have access to the other packs they develop and also from the third party they are working with.

Ableton Live 10 Interface
Ableton Live 10 Interface

The only weakness I can mention from this software is that beginners will need more effort to learn and use it. Therefore, new users might find this DAW is too sophisticated and need more time to learn how to use it. But if you wish to try it, there is Ableton Free Trial available. You can start and learn using that free trial first before making a decision.

BTV Solo

I would say BTV Solo is the most recommended DAW for beginners. Why? It is because of the easy user interface and direct features of the software. What would a beginner seek when they are to use a software? Something which is direct and does not require complicated process, right? And this is what BTV Solo can offer you.

BTV Solo Making Beats Softwares
BTV Solo

In addition to that, It provides many sound stocks, a drum kit, and the tools that beginner would need. Supports to .wav and .aiff this software is also compatible when you want to make the beat using your keyboard and mouse. But if you find it difficult to make the beat using the keyboard or mouse, you can add the MIDI controller that will make your work much easier. You can also use BTV Solo to mix an audio clip with a song.

BTV Solo Interface
BTV Solo Interface

Another good news on BTV Solo is that you will get 2 licenses when you purchase it. It means that you can share the budget with your colleague to save your money.

Despite all those good things about BTV Solo, please take good care that you are not allowed to open a saved project.

FL Studio

FL Studio is good making beats software for beginners and also professionals. Beginners will find a user-friendly and well-organized interface along with ease when using it. For pro users, FL studio provides features that can assist them in a more complex process.

FL Studio Making Beats Softwares
FL Studio

One of the reasons why many people love this DAW is that workstation is easy and fast to access. Therefore, once you open it, you can directly work to make the beat. FL Studio is also compatible with the MIDI controller that will make your work easier. Supported with sufficient online resources brings more options when you are cultivating your creativity.

If you are interested to use this making beat software, you can use the Freel Version first. With that free version, you can try and see whether FL Studio fit your need. Additionally, when you purchase and use this DAW you do not need to worry about the support. FL Studio has very good and cooperative customer supports when you encounter problems. Another awesome thing is that it provides lifetime free updates for signature and producer subscribers.

FL Studio Interface - Making Beats Softwares
FL Studio Interface

Along with all those pros, there is a con that may need your consideration before using this DAW. For your information, FL Studio only supports music production and mixing. It means that you have limited options on this software usage.


Music composition is now becoming easier with many supporting tools available, including the software. Therefore, making beats software will be a good assistant for music makers and composers to support their work.

As there are many making beat software available, those above are the most recommended DAW. The recommendation comes up based on users’ experience and also the features provided by each software. Of course, there are free software, but I believe that you are aware that free software provides you with limited features.

Please take consideration from the above mentioned DAW Softwares recommendation before you decide to purchase. My advice is that you try the free version first and see whether it suits your needs. Hopefully, this recommendation on making beats software can give you glints for your consideration.

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