Review On What Is Zoom Meeting App?

Review on What is Zoom Meeting App

What Is Zoom meeting app? Is Zoom app free? What is Zoom app used for? Some people nowadays are hearing quite much about the Zoom app. Especially during this time lately. This is because of the situation that forces many people to remain at home, to minimize the outbreak.

People are advised to stay at home. Therefore, for some scope of work people need the means to facilitate working from home demand. Zoom is one of the alternatives employees can use to work remotely.

As suggested in the article, I am going to discuss the overview of what is Zoom app. Additionally, you can also find more about the app. Is Zoom app free? What is Zoom app for? And many more. So, keep on following and reading for more explanation and review of the app.

What is Zoom Meeting?

To begin my discussion on what Zoom meeting app is, first of all, let’s start with the definition. Zoom meeting app is a video conference application that can be used for the cross-platform tool. By using it you can conduct and attend a meeting online regardless of the devices you are using. Which means, this app can be used in mobile as well as desktop.

At this point, if you are previously wondering what is Zoom app used for, you have got the answer here.

What if users are using different operating systems? Take, for example, A is using Android, B is using Windows and C is using iOS. Don’t worry, as I mentioned before, Zoom will help you to conduct or attend an online meeting or class even your participants are using different platforms or operating systems.

Not limited only for a meeting, teachers, and students can also use it for an online classroom. Therefore, as the previous article on the recommended video conference app to work from home, the Zoom app is in one of them. Anyway, in using the Zoom you can choose either the meeting is with video or just voice.

How to Download and Install Zoom App?

To be able to use the Zoom app for whatever purpose you need, first of all, you have to download and install it in your device. You can download Zoom Meeting App from the Zoom official download link from this LINK.

Why Should Use Zoom App; Features of Zoom App

In the previous post, I have discussed a glance at the reasons why Zoom is a recommended app for online meetings and classrooms while working from home. Let’s take a look deeper into the features of why you should use it.

Zoom Free Basic Version Available

Free stuff is always interesting, isn’t it? Then, is Zoom app free?

Likewise, Zoom is also providing the free basic version. Without needing to spend any dime, you can use the app for whatever need you to have to support your work and study need.

Zoom Meeting App Free
Zoom Meeting App Free

Being able to host up to 100 participants, I believe that it is enough to accommodate all the respected parties. The only concern when using the Zoom app free version is that your meeting or classroom duration is limited to 40 minutes for each meeting session. Nevertheless, for one on one meeting, the duration is not being limited.

Anyway, the app also provides you with more features for the paid version. Please refer to below Zoom app plan and pricing list.

Zoom Meeting App Plan and Pricing List
Zoom Meeting App Plan and Pricing List

Cross-Platform Ability

The meeting participants are using different devices with different platforms but you are interested to use the Zoom app? Do not be worry, since Zoom works across devices and platforms. The app is compatible with either desktop and mobile. Additionally, it also fit different operating system platforms.

Zoom for Cross-Platform
Zoom for Cross-Platform

Even if you prefer not to install the app in your device, you can still be using the web-based Zoom app. All you need to do is just logging into your Zoom account from your browser and you are ready to conduct or join a meeting.

Zoom Support Screen Sharing and File Transfer

During an offline work or classroom meeting, I believe that there is a presentation or explanation done through whiteboard or any other writing means. What if you are using Zoom, can you do the screen sharing in Zoom meeting? Yes, off course! By using this feature, I believe that the presentation can be done well. Even when you do not physically face to face with the audience.

Moreover, you can also do the file transfer in the Zoom meeting app. Which therefore it will just seem to be like any offline, face to face meeting.

Zoom App Can Be Used In Mobile

Not limited to desktop use, this app is available for mobile versions on Android and iOS. To be able to use it in your Android, just download the Zoom app for Android from Playstore. Similarly, for iOS, you can download Zoom from the App Store. Once you install and use it on your mobile, you will notice a simpler interface compare to the desktop version.

Recording Utility

On some occasions during a meeting, you need to have a footnote on it. When you are using the Zoom app, and you are to make a note about the meeting but too lazy to do it right away, recording the meeting or class material will be a good option.

Using the recording utility feature, you will be able to have a complete record of the meeting. Hence, making your note after the record will always possible. Besides, it will minimize the risk of missing any particular information.

HD Video and High-Quality Audio

Video quality is also one attractive feature that the Zoom meeting app offers you. With its HD video quality, having an online meeting while working from home is going to be awesome.


The app is believed to be serving you with a great security policy. For this one, you can refer to its end-to-end encryption 356 bit. In addition to that, the app also complies with the FERPA/HIPAA standard.

NOTE:  FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) which is is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

There is some news regarding the security of the Zoom app, which I will discuss further in a separate article.

Learning Management System Tool

I believe this is useful stuff to use during a meeting or classroom presentation. This feature gives you the learning management system which offers you some required tools. For instance: blackboard, canvas and Moodle and many other tools you normally use in the offline meeting.

Zoom Flexibility Use

Aside from all the above features, the Zoom meeting app offers you flexibility for you to conduct or manage your meeting. Similar to the offline meetings, when you are conducting an online meeting using Zoom, you can either start the meeting right away or create a scheduled meeting.

As for the meeting conductor or administrator, you ill have the authority to manage the meeting. Which means you can allow any participant to speak during the meeting. To select which participant to point to speak, from the meeting participant’s side there is also an option to rise hand, of course virtually. But you can also mute the participants to avoid a noisy meeting environment.


At this time, to conduct a meeting people do not always have to be physically meet. One of the means people can use to conduct an online meeting is by using the Zoom meeting app.

Aside from its 40 minutes maximum meeting duration for its free basic version, it is an app that will surely help you. Especially when you have to be away physically from all those respected meeting members.

Having read his post, I hope that this glints you about what Zoom app is. Besides, now you know whether is Zoom app free or not as I also provide the plan and pricing table. Finally, your question on what is zoom app used for is also answered in this article. Hopefully, this writing provides the information you need.

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