How To Free Up Space on MacBook ; Free Up MacBook Space

Free up space on MACBookRegardless what the device is, what will happen when a device’s memory is only a little left or too full? I believe that you are fully aware that this will cause the performance drop down. The device becomes slow. When the device performance is slow, it is quite frustrating, right? It also will happen to a MacBook when the memory is too little left of the memory is full. So, what to do? You will need to free up space on MacBook in order to drive back the performance of the device.

The question is: How to free up space … [Read more..]

How To Install Windows 10 From USB

We all understand that most PC or laptop around the globe are using Windows operating system. As one of the pioneers in the IT and computer-related stuffs, Windows has gained its fame around the world. Even though there are some other operating system in the market, Windows is still standing tall. Though, Windows keeps on doing the update in the software. They keep on releasing new version of the operating system in order to bring better features for the users. Nevertheless, many people do not understand the detail of what is in the operating system itself. This is because they [Read more..]

How To Make Interesting Instagram Story

Interesting Instagram stories

Instagram story is a simple and trending way to keep your followers updated with your activities. As we all may have known, Instagram has introduced this feature some times ago and receives good response from the users. Undoubtedly, it is a practical way to update status, does not require much storage and does not require much effort to post it. Besides, Instagram story are much simpler compare to the permanent post. It will only appear for certain duration of time in the feed and after your followers view it, it will not appear in their home feed anymore.

Many of … [

Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC

Uninstall app on MAC

Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC-Unlike in Windows Operating System, uninstalling application on MAC operating system can be a little bit tricky. Especially for those who are not so used using Mac operating system. It is mostly caused by the different menu interface between Windows and Mac. Moreover, Mac is well known for its stronger security, may be this is why the process of uninstalling program on Mac is (may be) a little bit trickier compare to Windows.… [Read more..]