How To Fix DirecTV 771 Error Code; The Simple Way

Why is the DirecTV 771 error code occur? And how can you fix it? You may have experienced this situation and found it annoying. Don’t worry, I am going to discuss the simple way on how to fix DirecTV error code 771 in this article. By reading this, I am expecting that you will be able to overcome the trouble. Additionally, you will understand why the error code 771 can occur on your DirecTV.

Experiencing error in any of the service you are using is actually a common problem. But when it comes to fixing it on your own, it will be something else. Previously, I have discussed the DirecTV error code 775 and how to get rid of error 775.  As you may have well understood, DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service provider from America that also serve digital satellite television and audio in the United States of America.

Nevertheless, this service is not error-free. One common error that users often experience is the DirecTV error 771, aside from the error 775 on DirecTV.

Why DirecTV Error 771 Code Occur?

Similarly to DirecTV error code 775, this error is mostly happening during the bad weather. In other words, DirecTV error 771 occurs due to the bad weather factor.

What Cause DirecTV Error 771
What Cause DirecTV Error 771

What does it mean that error code 771 in DirecTV is caused by the bad weather? Bad weather here can be translated as heavy rain or snow. It is because the heavy rain and snow can hinder the connection between the satellite and the dish.

What To Do To Fix DirecTV 771 Error Code Because Of Bad Weather?

What can you do to solve the error 771 when there is bad weather? In this kind of situation, I suggest you wait until the weather gets calmer. Normally, when the main factor of the error is because of the weather problem, it will be resolved when the weather is calm.

Another explanation of why weather can cause DirecTV error 771 is that the snow can possibly cover the satellite dish. Hence, to fix DirecTV 771 error code, you need to check your satellite dish. Whether or not it is covered by the falling snow.

If it is so, please try to clean up the covering snow. You can clean it manually with any possible cleaning tool.

What To Check When DirecTV Error Code 771 Occurs

As previously mentioned, error 771 on DirecTV usually occurs during the bad weather. Though, if you experience the error, but there is no problem with the weather, what can you do?

There are two major things you need to check to fix DirecTV 771 error code, they are the satellite dish and the receiver connection. Please make your you do the troubleshoot on those two things.

Check The Sattelite Dish

Why should I check the satellite dish when experiencing error 771 in my DirecTV service?

The main reason for checking the satellite dish is to make sure that the satellite dish is uncovered by anything that may hinder the connection with the DirecTV satellite in the space.

DirecTV Dish Covered
DirecTV Dish Covered

In most cases, this is only caused by simple things. For example, overgrowing trees, trash, or anything that may cover the satellite dish. When the satellite dish is covered, the connection is not going well. In other words, it blocks the signal transmission. That is why the error code 771 happens.

Check The Connection Of The Receiver

Please make sure to check the below things when you are checking the connection of your receiver on your DirecTV.

Check DirecTV Connection
Check DirecTV Connection
  • The first thing you need to checks the SAT-IN connection. Check the cable carefully, because when it is loose, it may be the cause of the error. Therefore, ensure if the screw is tightened.
  • Check the cable from the satellite dish is plugged appropriately. Especially it uses SWM power brick to connect to your DirecTV. To check if it is well-connected, you can refer to the green light when it is on.
  • Check if the SWM power brick is well-connected to a power outlet. Make sure that the power outlet is not using a switch. If you have plugged the SWM power and the green light is on, I recommend you to unplug it from the power outlet. Please wait until(approximately) 20 seconds. It is aimed to give time for the device to refresh. By doing this, you should be able to fix the DirecTV 771 error code.


Sometimes, there is actually only simple stuff that causes the DirecTV 771 error code. As mentioned, the main cause is the hindered connection between the satellite and the dish. In other words, the signal transmission is blocked by any possible hindrance.

What can hinder our block the signal? It can be as simple as overthrowing trees near the satellite dish. Therefore, to check your satellite dish and the connection are highly recommended troubleshoot for DirecTV error code 771.

In case the above suggestion does not solve your problem, please contact the customer support on 1-800-531-5000.

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