Tricks How To Use Discord App Professionally

How to use Discord Professionally

There are some tricks you can try on how to use Discord app professionally like a master. Many people use Discord app just in the standard usage. That is not a problem at all. But isn’t it so much better when you can use it way more professionally with just some simple tricks? Therefore, please stay on the page to see how to do it.

Gain its fame among gamers as a communication mean, the Discord app can actually be used for other purposes. Not limited to gamers, the app is so much reliable for group communication. It can be for business groups, friends, and many more.

Here below are the tricks you can do to use the Discord app professionally.

Use Discord Bots

I bet that you have been familiar with the “Bot” term. Yes, you may say it is a kind of automated program to assist you in certain tasks. Hence, you have to use a bot to automate some tasks on your server.

What can bot assist you in the Discord app? For example, a bot can assist you in automating to welcome new users, warn users who break the rules, filter spam, and many other functions with parameters you entered before. By using a bot on the Discord app, it is surely will save your time for those fixed tasks.

Discord Bot
Discord Bot

How to Add A Bot on the Discord App?

The next question is how you can add a bot on your Discord app. This is just a simple task to do. There are many Discord bot developers you can find online. I recommend you to find the Discord bot from Discord bots and Bots on Discord.

From those two recommended sources for Discord bot, you can choose the bots based on your need. Decide which bot suits your need and add it to your server by clicking the “Invite” button. Next, to get the bot to do the function you want, you have to grant the bot to perform the function from your server. After being added, you can find the bot in your server setting under the “server members“.

The detail on how to add bot and create a bot for Discord will be shared in the next post.

Arrange the Discord Channels

I have previously explained in the Discord App review, the Discord app’s chats are divided into channels. Which is a certain point is similar to the Slack app. Not only for chat or text, but the Discord channel can also be voice channels.

Therefore, arranging your Discord channels in an organized order will render ease when you want to discuss a certain channel or topic. In this way, your organized Discord channel arrangement will look more professional.

For example, if you are working on some projects in your company, you can name the channel with each of the project names. To be more detailed, for each project you can even divide the more specific topic of the task. In this way, every time you need to discuss a specific topic with your team, it will be much easier and more professional.

When you understand how to arrange your channels, it will be easier for you to create a Discord server.

Attach Games to Discord

If you are a game developer, it is also possible to sell your games from your server. By opening your own store, set your store, and price, the selling is on the go. And eventually, you can also attach or connect the game to your server. Interesting and cool, right?

How much do you have to pay when selling your game on the Discord server? It is only 10% of each sale. Much lower than other online game stores. Additionally, you can always check the sales by accessing the daily metric.

Promote Your Server

To promote your server, you can apply for Discord partners. As you apply for discord partners, you will get some privileged features. Such as VIP voice server, free access to Discord Nitro, custom server, and partner badges.

When you have access to the discord Nitro, you will have better video and screen share quality. Furthermore, it also provides more upload limits and customer emoji.

Use Video Chats to Screen Share

Discord video chat and screen share can accommodate up to 50 participants live. While Discord screen sharing is very simple. All you need to do is click the “Share your screen” tab while you are doing the voice or video call.

There are many purposes you can have when you are doing screen sharing. You can use the screen sharing feature to do business online meetings, share gameplay, or any other purposes you can mention. Unfortunately, you can only use this feature on the Discord desktop app. While on the mobile app, you can still follow the live stream, without being able to share your screen.


You can use the Discord app in a simple standard way. But if you can maximize on how to use the Discord app professionally, I believe this will upgrade your knowledge and respect towards your business partners, coworkers, and many others with whom you are doing the group communication. So, the above tricks can be your reference when you want to use the Discord app professionally. let me know your response in the comment box below.

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