SmartGaga Lag Fix; How To Fix Lag Error in Smart Gaga Android Emulator

SmartGaga Android Emulator Lag Fix

Do you experience the lag problem in your SmartGaga emulator and search of Smart Gaga Lag error fix? If it is so, don’t worry since you are not the only person. Here we are going to discuss the most recommended solution.

Before going further, maybe you would need to know how to properly install SmartGaga in your PC.

Also, there are opinions that now it is the most appropriate Android emulator for low-end PC. This is because it still can run well in low spec PC compare to the other Android emulators.

Whether to use SmartGaga or any other Android emulators is completely your call. But this emulator is always worth trying.

How to Fix Lag Error in Smart Gaga Android Emulator?

It will be so annoying when you are experiencing the SmartGaga Lagging problem during your time enjoying your game. So, this is a simple and recommended way on how to solve it.

There are several steps you need to do to fix lagging in the SmartGaga emulator. I will divide it into two sections for easier understanding. Please follow below both sections to complete the settings.

Fixing Smart Gaga Lag by Settings of the NVIDIA Control Panel

  1. Open the NVIDIA control panel on your PC.

    Open NVIDIA Control Panel
    NVIDIA Control Panel –
  2. Hit on the “Manage 3D Setting” . After that, find and select the “OpenGL rendering GPU”.

    NVIDIA Control Panel-Manage 3D Setting
    NVIDIA Manage 3D Setting –
  3. Proceed to select the “Program setting” and choose the “Add program” section. Select the “SmartGaga”.

    Add Program-Select SmartGaga
    Add Program SmartGaga –
  4. Look for the “Texture and Filtering” and set it to “Performance”.
  5. Go to “OpenGL rendering GPU”, set it to “Use global setting (GeForce GTX 750 Ti)”.
  6. Next, in the “Threaded optimization” set it to “Use global setting (Auto)”.
  7. In the “Triple buffering” set to “On”.

The setting of the NVIDIA Control Panel is complete here. Please proceed to do the setting from the tweaker tool.

Setting the SmartGaga Tweaker Tool to Solve SmartGaga Lag

After finishing the settings on the NVIDIA control panel as above, please continue with the setting through the SmartGaga Tweaker Tool as below:

  1. Open the Smart Gaga Tweaker Tool and start the emulator.

    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool-Start SmartGaga
    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool –
  2. Go to the “Setting” and set the “Basic” and “Advance” part like the below screenshot. Close the setting.
    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool-Start SmartGaga-Setting-Basic
    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool Basic –¬†

    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool-Start SmartGaga-Setting-Advanced
    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool Advanced –
  3. Back to the SmartGaga Tweaker Tool and hit the “Inject Tweaks” until you see the pop up as below.

    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool-Inject Tweaks
    SmartGaga Tweaker Tool-Inject Tweaks
  4. Restart the SmartGaga Emulator from the Tweaker Tool.
  5. Open the “Setting” again. Check and make sure that the setting you previously did has already applied. If it does, so the setting is complete.


Several reasons cause lagging of the Smart Gaga emulator. But after knowing the above solution of how to fix Smart Gaga lagging, you will not face the sort of error again. Please share your experience in dealing with SmartGaga Lagging error if you are doing different ways to solve it. Cheers!


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