How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 10

Install Ubuntu on WindowsWhat is Ubuntu? For some people, they may have not known what Ubuntu is. Hence, Ubuntu is not in the list of fame of software in the market. If you have not known what Ubuntu is, how would you be interested on how to install Ubuntu in Windows 10 of your device?

Well, let’s go through on what Ubuntu is first before I proceed on how to install Ubuntu in Windows 10.

What is Ubuntu?

As cited from , Ubuntu is an open source operating system software that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things. In addition to that, Ubuntu is freely available complete Linux operating system. Based on that definition, we can simply define that Ubuntu is an operating system similar like Windows or iOS. What makes it different with those last two mentioned operating system is that Ubuntu is open source software. Means that you can freely download and install it in your device (laptop).

Is it possible to install Ubuntu on Windows 10?

When this question comes up, so the answer is: Yes, it is possible. As nowadays not many people use Linux Ubuntu yet, therefore people are still in doubt to use this operating system. Thus, it is better for you to have a try first of the Ubuntu operating system before you fully migrate this software.

For this aim, you can surely install the Ubuntu in your Windows 10 device. Then, how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 device? There are several ways to do in order to install Ubuntu in windows 10 device and runs it well with double booting setup options.

Installing Ubuntu on Windows 10

At this time we are going to present two ways to install Ubuntu on Windows 10. Please see below mentioned methods:

A. Using USB Pen Drive

Before doing the installation, you will need to prepare the USB pen drive for the installation purpose. Here are the steps to follow for it:

  1. Download the Ubuntu software from the website.
  2. Save or copy the software master into your USB pen drive.
  3. Download the “Universal USB Installer” from Pendrivelinux. (No need to install it).
  4. Plug the USB pen drive into your device before launching the “Universal USB Installer”.

  1. Pick the correct distribution in Step 1.

  2. In Step 2, browse the downloaded ISO file from your USB pen drive.

  3. Choose the amount of storage from your USB drive. ** Note: leave it to “0” , then click “Create”.

After finishing the USB pen drive preparation, the next process is to do the installation.

  1. Plug the USB into the desktop or laptop you want to install and turn on the device.
  2. Go to the BIOS option before it is logging into the Windows.
  3. After entering the BIOS mode, please change the booting method so that the USB will boot before the device’s normal booting method performed.
  4. Installation will be started.

B. Ubuntu Installation through the Microsoft Store

To install through the Microsoft store, please follow below steps:

  1. Install the Windows Subsystem from Linux. By doing this, it will enable you to install Linux in your Windows.

  1. To install Windows Subsystem, open the “Windows Power Shell”. (Find it by clicking from the “Start” button).
Windows PowerShell
  1. Enter this script : “Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature-Online-FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux”.

  2. Please wait until the completion of the process and enter “Y” to restart the computer when it is requested.

  3. After the Windows reboot and On again, please download the distro you want. (Wait until the download process finish).

Windows Store-Download Ubuntu
  1. After the completion of the download process, please open the Linux and it will perform until the installation process complete.
Ubuntu Installation
  1. You will need to create a user account (username and password). **It does not have to be the same as your computer username or account.

8. Please wait while the installation performs until it is fully completed and you computer is set to perform the Ubuntu. And it is time for you to explore the taste of Ubuntu.


Before knowing deeper about Ubuntu, people may be reluctant to use this operating system. Well, whatever operating system you choose to use, it is depends on your choice. But then, when it comes to trying something new and how it performs, it is never wrong.

Thus, if you are in the interest of trying Ubuntu even when you have installed Windows 10 in your computer, you can follow above methods on how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10. But still unsure whether to completely migrate from your current Windows operating system, it is possible to put the Ubuntu on your Windows 10 in your computer.

Hopefully it will give you more experience on the use of Ubuntu even when it is just a try.