What Needs To Know About Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home Smart Speaker

What needs to know about Google Home smart speaker? What is the difference between Google Home smart speaker and the normal speaker?

Some of us might have not known what is the Google Home smart speaker. It is not a shame for not knowing yet about this device. Because the device has not been very popular and not many people are using it.

In a simple way, Google Home smart speaker is a device created by Google which enables you to have control over your other home devices appliances.
If you need a certain home appliance to perform a certain function you can just use voice command through it.

Firstly launched in 2016, the device works similarly like Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod. By using the device, not only to controlling home appliances, but you can also get certain information through it. It will tell you about the information you need only when you ask or talk to it. For example, information about the weather forecast. If you are familiar with the Iron Man movie, Google home works just like Jarvis in that movie.

Definition and Description of Google Home

To bring you the description of the device, the shape looks like a small flower vase. On top of it, there are embedded tiny indicator led lights. The top side of the device is tilted in which you can use it to control the volume when you are listening to music or other sound required features. Because there is a sensitive censor.

There are also some buttons and a microphone on the top side. While the power button and power light indicator are positioned at the backside.

Here are some images of the Google Home Smart Speaker for your reference.

Google Home Description
Google Home Description
Google Home Smart Speaker Position
Locate Google Home Smart Speaker

As previously mentioned, Google Home is a smart speaker that works to enable you to have control over certain home devices or appliances. However, the device will only work when you synchronize it with the Google Assistant. How it works is just similar to the Amazon Echo along with the Amazon Alexa.

What Are the Features of Google Home?

Talking about the features or what Google home can do for you, there are several things the device can do in order to assist you. How the device can work is by using voice command. In other words, you talk the command to the device and the device will do the task for you.

What appliances Google Home can control? For example, smart light bulb, or other compatible devices or appliances. Besides, you can ask Google Home to play podcasts, music, inform you of the weather forecast, setting your alarm, set the thermostat temperature, etc.

What Appliances Can Connect with Google Home?

If what crosses to your mind is that Google home can do whatever you ask for, please keep in mind that this is just a tool that also has a limitation. May be up to now we can say that this is the beginning step to the next level of reaching the artificial intelligence device.

Basically, the Google Home can control or have access to the appliances because of the synchronization with the Google Assistant.

As of now, there are several things that the device can control. The Google Home can connect and help you control the following devices or appliances:

  1. Smart lighting bulb
  2. Security system
  3. Computers and its accessories
  4. Temperature controller/thermostat
  5. Entertainment systems, such as TV, home theater, etc.

Setting Up Google Home Smart Speaker

There are some requirements you need to be able to use the Google Home smart speakers. Before being able to use it as your assistant to send commands to the home appliances you need the following things:

  1. Mobile application for android or iOS
  2. Google account
  3. Wifi
  4. Electricity power source

Let’s discuss one by one about those requirements. You need a mobile application since it is the one that will bridge the setting up process. How would the setup process perform? In order to perform the setup process both the smart speaker and the phone has to be in the same network.

Meanwhile, as the smart speaker is part of Google products, your Google account is as a user to operate the device. What about the people who do not have Google account? Another person who does not have a Google account still can trigger command to the speaker. But for the first time starting at least you have to use one Google account.

Wifi connection is also a must fulfilled requirement. It is because everything runs in the smart speaker are based on an internet connection. While for the electricity power supply, I believe that you do not need any explanation of why you need it.


Since the first time Google Home smart speaker launching in 2016, there are some newer versions coming. For example the Google home mini. This is a newer version which is friendlier for beginner user for smart home equipment.

In addition, whether you need the Google Home smart speaker or not, it depends on how you view it for your future needs. Besides the Google Home, there are some other smart home devices as well. For instance the Amazon Echo.

But as Google home is produced by Google, which now nearly all people use Google, maybe Google home will be a wise choice for the future.

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