How To Make Interesting Instagram Story

Interesting Instagram stories

Instagram story is a simple and trending way to keep your followers updated with your activities. As we all may have known, Instagram has introduced this feature some times ago and receives a good response from the users.

Undoubtedly, it is a practical way to update status, does not require much storage, and does not require much effort to post it. Besides, the Instagram story is much simpler compared to the permanent post. It will only appear for a certain duration of time in the feed and after your followers view it, it will not appear in their home feed anymore.

Many of us might be curious about who has viewed the story we have made on Instagram. Moreover, when we can gain many views from our followers, it will be interesting. Therefore to gain attraction we need to make an interesting story. There are some methods on how to make an interesting story that you can follow. Please refer to the below recommendation.

How To Make Interesting Instagram Story

Publish an Attractive Instagram story with polling

By doing a survey in your Instagram story, your followers or audience will get involved in there. They can participate in the survey you conduct in your story. Actually, your audience will feel like being valued more when you involve them.

In addition, by inviting them to the survey in your story you will make them curious about your next survey in the next story. Therefore, you will build more loyal audience followers.

How to create the poll in the Instagram story? Go to your “Instagram story” menu – Choose a photo as the background – tap the “Sticker” menu at the top of the display – Choose the “Poll” option – publish the story.

Instagram poll
Instagram Poll

Add special effect in the story

Adding a certain effect in your story is also another thing you can do to create a more interesting Instagram story than those normal ones. To do it, you can maximize the use of Superzoom.

Superzoom is there to enable you to beautify and decorate your story post. It provides some special effects like fire, TV programs, bounce, etc. You can choose any of the effects you want just by a tap.

To make it, you only need to aim your camera to the object you want. After that, the Superzoom will help you with the finishing.

Instagram stories
SuperZoom Instagram

Maximize boomerang in the story

As many of us may have known, Boomerang is well-known for its handy and funny result. If you are a typical person who is bored with the normal video camera result, Boomerang is the answer to your boredom. The back and forth effect Boomerang produced in a little bit faster loop is going to be interesting and funny stuff for your followers to see.

Instagram Boomerang
Instagram Boomerang

How to create a story using Boomerang? Do I need to explain more on this?

Make interactive dialogue through Q&A in the story

Dialogue in here means the Question & Answer or Q&A. In the Q&A session, you can invite your followers to ask any question they want. By doing this, you are giving a room to your followers to know more about you so that this will make your story more interesting.

Go to the “Story” menu – choose any image or photo you want as the background. After that, tap on the “Sticker” menu and choose the “Question” option, and publish it.

Instagram Question
Instagram Q & A

When your followers see your story, they can type the question they want to ask. To respond to the questions, you can make another story as the answer or send a direct message to any of the question senders.

Publish the Instagram story along with a small quiz

Some of us may not notice that Instagram provides the feature of making a small quiz in the Instagram story. By making a quiz in your Instagram story, you will let your followers choose the answer based on the options you provide. Why? because the quiz is in the form of multiple choice.

To make a quiz in your Instagram story, you can go to the “Instagram story” menu. Choose a picture/photo for the background, tap the “Sticker” menu at the top-right of your display. Choose the “Quiz” option and you can make the question and provide the answers in here. After finishing this step, don’t forget to publish it.

Instagram Quiz

The Instagram story quiz lets you provide up to 4 optional answers for your followers to choose from. Why putting small quizzes into your story can make your Instagram story more interesting? It is because you will gain more attention from your followers since you are inviting them to have interaction in the quiz you created. Even if it is just answering some simple questions.

In addition, the feature also enables you to embed the correct answer to the question so that your readers can instantly see what the correct answer is.


Instagram has taken its fame amongst the social media platforms. Therefore to maintain the users’ interest, innovation shall always be performed. Including the features in it. Thus, the new Instagram story become an attractive feature to develop.

For this purpose, some sub-features are added in the Instagram story so that the users can create an interesting Instagram story. As above mentioned, they are some things to do to create the story.

Additionally, as Instagram keeps on improving, now you can also download the Instagram stories and also do a video chat with Instagram on your Windows computer. If you have other things to add, please let us know in the comment box.

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