Recommended MAC Audio Editor Software

MAC Audio Editor Software

Do you play music? Interested in composing or editing your music? Or any audio file? It used to be difficult to do editing for the audio files as there were no supporting tools. Nowadays, when you already have pc or MAC, you can do any kind of audio editing. All you need to do is installing the appropriate audio editing software. When you are using MAC, the question is: What is recommended MAC audio editor software? What MAC audio editor software should I use? This question sometimes causes confusion. There are many audio editor software, but you need to pick the one that suits the need best. Here, I would discuss some of those softwares for your reference.

Recommended Free MAC Audio Editor Software

Garage Band

If you are a beginning to edit certain audio file or music, it is the first time you are trying to do the editing and you are looking for free MAC audio editor software, GarageBand is a good choice. Moreover, it is free software which means you do not need to pay any dime.



GarageBand can function both as a music maker and also an audio editor. Therefore, if you are doing the recording using the GarageBand, you can then do the editing in through the software too. GarageBand provides complete features for a free MAC audio editor software. What if I att


For non-commercial use, WavePad is a free audio editing software. It means that you can download and run it without needing to pay a single penny. Though, as the interface is using multi-windows, new users may need some time to get used to it.

WavePad Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus
WavePad Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus

WavePad is one of those MAC audio editor softwares. This software provides you with a reliable ability for it supports various audio file types. Amazingly, WavePad can work on multiple processes at the same time! With this, imagine how much time you can save when you have plenty of audio editing works! It also provides you with many kinds of sound effects to beautify your editing with more alternative options.


If you are to use Audacy software, please keep in mind to back up your original file first. This is because when you do the editing, the software will not automatically copy the file and leave the original plain file. Rather than that, the original file will change as the editing performed.

Audacy Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus
Audacy Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus

When you are seeking for the most complete MAC audio editor software, Audacy is the software you should find most. As many people have used the software, and its fame across the internet, Audacy will be the software you would likely find first when you surf the internet looking for audio editor software.

Audacy supports various types of audio file types. Should you need to work with mp3, WAV, and any other file types, worry not for the software’s ability for these types of files. It is also featured with many kinds of sound effects. It can help you give more variations and options in your editing result. Besides, it is free and open-source software. The user-friendly interface will surely render ease during the editing.


If you are looking for a completely free MAC audio editor software, you need to take a look and try OcenAudio. Supports for various file types like WMA, FLAC, MP3, and many other file types, this is a recommended audio editor software for you who care for the budget. Additionally, it can also support for video files. Take for example MKV files.

OcenAudio Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus
OcenAudio Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus

What if you want to add certain audio effects during the editing? Don’t worry, there is some provided audio effects you can always use. In addition, it is also compatible to edit large files.

Due to its user-friendly interface, this software is worth any audio editors and known as a side option for Audacy with a polished interface.

Avid Pro Tools First

If you are interested to use Avid Pro Tools First for your audio editing purpose, you cannot use a low specification computer. This software can only serve you with three projects at one time. Besides that, you may need more time to understand how to use it appropriately. It is because the user interface is a little bit more sophisticated. For free users, they can only save the files in the Avid cloud server.

Avid Pro Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus
Avid Pro Audio Editor-SolveWarePlus

As its detailed variation of the interface, it offers you with the industry-like standard. With a detailed look, it offers more menu for a more detailed editing purpose.

PreSonus Studio One Prime

If you are looking at how much PreSonus Studio One Prime offer, you may not believe that it is a free MAC audio editor software. Free? Yes, it is a free MAC App. Looking at the features PreSonus Studio One Prime offers, it is such a tempting MAC audio editor. A complete MAC audio editor for free software, I would say.

PreSonus Studio-SloveWarePlus
PreSonus Studio-SloveWarePlus

The software makes your audio editing work much easier. With this software, you can compose your own music and continue with the editing. Why? It is because it is already embedded in the music instruments feature, loops, and also audio effects. Not only that, but the work of recording is also possible.

Well, maybe the interface is a little bit time taking for the new user. But as the time you get used to the interface and menus or feature, your effort of learning on the interface is paid off.


There are many kinds of software to help audio editing purposes. One thing to consider is whether the software suits the need. As some recommended MAC audio editor software above, that software is free software. Please choose which software is appropriate for you, whether it is the feature, the look or interface, and many other aspects of consideration. I hope this will help you to decide.

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