Latest Version Of Spotify Premium APK Free Download For Android

Spotify Premium APK Free Download

The most updated or latest version of Spotify Premium APK free download for 2020 is now available for you. But, what will you get by using the Spotify premium version? Why do you need to use the Spotify premium version rather than the free version?

Spotify is a famous app for most Android and iOS users, especially for music freaks. As many of you may have understood, Spotify is an app through which you can listen to your favorite pieces of music, video streaming, and podcast.

Android or iOS users can use the free version of the Spotify app. But do you know that actually, some countries cannot enjoy the music through Spotify free version? Yes, the Spotify free version is actually having certain limitations and is not available in some countries. So, this is one of the reasons why you need the Spotify premium version.

Why Should You Install Spotify Premium

Some people, maybe including you, may question the reason why you should install the Spotify Premium version while there is the free version of the app is also available. So, here are the reasons.

  • Latest Spotify Premium APK unlocks the limitations or restrictions

As previously mentioned, in some particular countries Spotify is not available to download and install. Therefore, when you install the Spotify premium APK, it will let you unlock the limitation and restriction you have in the free version. Including access to numerous kinds of music.

  • The much better audio quality of the Spotify Premium APK app

Many people may not be aware of the bitrate of the music they are listening to. If you have used the Spotify free version, I am sure that you do not notice that the maximum bitrate of the audio music you can listen through the Spotify free version is 96 kbps. While the Spotify premium version can serve you with much better audio quality 320 kbps bitrate. Based on this, you can enjoy your favorite music with a triple as much better sound quality compared to the Spotify free version.

  • Access to the more feature options and ads-free

In the Spotify free version, the features you get are limited. For example, you cannot choose the track freely, with no offline support and limited skip option. On the other hand, these feature options you can get and use in the Spotify Premium APK.

Additionally to that, your enjoyable time using the app will not be interrupted with ads. I believe, if you are currently using the Spotify free version, you notice that there are ads appearing after every four songs you play.

  • Save your phone’s internal storage

When you are using Spotify to play your favorite music, it means you are playing online or stream it. On the other words, you do not have to store the music file in your phone’s internal storage. By this, therefore, it will secure your phone’s internal storage while you can choose whatever musics you want.

  • Better and more user-friendly interface

One of the reasons why Spotify hits fame among users is the user-friendly interface. As many people are using the app, the developers keep on improving the interface to be better and more friendly to use. It can be seen from the shortcuts that you can find that is useful and friendly for every user.

  • Unlimited download and support offline use

Spotify Premium version app enables you to download and store more than just one song. Hence, you do not need to be worry if you have more than one favorite song and want to download all of them. Additionally, it is also possible if you want to share your favorite playlist with your colleagues.

As you can download your favorite songs, you can play it offline without an internet connection. Therefore, this can save your data package for the songs you have downloaded.

To sum up the comparison between the free and premium versions of the Spotify app, you can see on the below screenshot.

Difference Spotify Free and Premium Version
Difference Spotify Free and Premium Version

Download and Install Spotify Premium APK on Android Phone

I suppose, there is no complicated thing you will necessarily face to download and install Spotify Premium APK on Android phone. Please follow the below-recommended steps to easily do it.

  • First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the Spotify Premium APK. For the latest Spotify Premium APK download, you can get it by following this LINK or download the Spotify Premium APK from Google drive through this LINK. After the download is completed, extract and save it on your Android phone. Please make sure to uninstall your old Spotify app if you previously have installed it.
  • Browse through your file explorer and find in which folder you save your Spotify Premium APK you have downloaded. To do the installation, tap on the APK file name and grant all the permission requested to complete the installation process.
Spotify Premium APK Installation
Spotify Premium APK Installation
Spotify Premium APK Installation Progress
Spotify Premium APK Installation Progress
  • Finally, after the installation complete, before being able to play the music you want, you will be requested to create the Spotify account. To create the account is very easy, just follow the instructions the app suggests. After it is finished, you are ready to use the Spotify Premium and can now choose and listen to your favorite kinds of music.


Music is one of the entertainment means that many people love. For this need, Spotify is an app that will enable you to listen to your favorite music online or through streaming.

As now there is Spotify Premium APK free download available, it will please more users. With the features the app can serve, it has become one of the best and most used music streaming apps.

As the installation steps, I share here, hopefully, it will help you to enjoy online music streaming through the Spotify Premium app.

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