How To Unlock External Hard Drive On Mac OS

How To Unlock External Hard Drive On Mac OS

Using an external hard drive is a good choice for every computer user. External hard drive enables you to have more flexibility on taking, saving or transferring all the data you want. Now, what if you need the access to the hard drive but you find it locked? How to unlock hard drive?

Regardless the operating system you prefer to use, external hard drive gives you options and ease whether it is to transfer or backup data. At this time, we are going to focus on Mac operating system. I would like to share how to unlock hard drive on Mac operating system.

Some of you may be confused why a hard drive is locked in MAC. Well, this can … [Read more..]

How To Free Up Space on MacBook ; Free Up MacBook Space

Free up space on MACBookRegardless what the device is, what will happen when a device’s memory is only a little left or too full? I believe that you are fully aware that this will cause the performance drop down. The device becomes slow. When the device performance is slow, it is quite frustrating, right? It also will happen to a MacBook when the memory is too little left of the memory is full. So, what to do? You will need to free up space on MacBook in order to drive back the performance of the device.

The question is: How to free up space on MacBook? For some people this may be just a piece of cake, but there still the need to get … [Read more..]

Recommended MAC Audio Editor Software

MAC Audio Editor Software

Do you play music? Interested in composing or editing your music? Or any audio file? It used to be difficult to do editing for audio file as there were no supporting tools. Nowadays, when you already have pc or MAC, you can do any kind of audio editing. All you need to do is installing the appropriate audio editing software. When you are using MAC, the question is: What is recommended MAC audio editor software? What MAC audio editor software should I use? This question sometimes causes confusion. There are many audio editor softwares, but you need to pick the one suits the need best. Here, I would discuss some of those softwares for your reference.

Recommended Free MAC Audio

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Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC

Uninstall app on MAC

Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC-Unlike in Windows Operating System, uninstalling application on MAC operating system can be a little bit tricky. Especially for those who are not so used using Mac operating system. It is mostly caused by the different menu interface between Windows and Mac. Moreover, Mac is well known for its stronger security, may be this is why the process of uninstalling program on Mac is (may be) a little bit trickier compare to Windows.… [Read more..]

Common Signs Your MAC Is Infected by Malware or Virus

Common Signs That Your MAC Is Infected by Malware or Virus – It was well known that MAC is the safest device from virus, and it still is. I remember how one of my friend was so obsessed with MAC due to its security towards malware or virus infection. He was so confident that MAC was the best because MAC will NEVER be infected by any malware or virus. Well, I agreed with that at that time.

But then, have you ever experienced that your MAC is kind of performing in a weird way. For instance, it becomes slow, popping up advertisement from unknown source. In this case, your MAC might be infected by virus or malware.

As we … [