Common Signs That Your MAC Is Infected by Malware or Virus

Common Signs That Your MAC Is Infected by Malware or Virus – It was well known that MAC is the safest device from virus, and it still is. I remember how one of my friend was so obsessed with MAC due to its security towards malware or virus infection. He was so confident that MAC was the best because MAC will NEVER be infected by any malware or virus. Well, I agreed with that at that time.

But then, have you ever experienced that your MAC is kind of performing in a weird way. For instance, it becomes slow, … [Read more..]

How To Check Who Is Viewing Our Facebook Profile

Nowadays, almost all people have Facebook account. Connecting with family, colleagues and friends is not as difficult as it was 15 years ago. Facebook can help us to stay in contact with the people we know, no matter how far the distance is. We can see how our friends doing by viewing the updates they share on their facebook through the newsfeed page. Or else, we can see … [Read more..]

What To Consider When Starting Online Store? (Part 2)

As previous post on starting online store easily, let us proceed to the next steps. As previously discussed, we need to be unique, considering the competition, platform we will use and optimization. Going deeper, there are some things to be further done to generate customers. Yes, as you are to run internet based business in online store scope of business you will rely your business to the internet users that will be … [Read more..]

What To Consider When Starting Online Store? (Part 1)

What to consider to start an online store?
Internet is actually an open opportunity for the users. Some people do not really realize how much opportunity internet is offered. Many people earn money through the internet, such as online marketing, publisher, and online store. The last thing mentioned (online store) is an opportunity that might be best for you who are prefer on selling or transaction business. You can run the business from wherever you are as long as you have internet connection, a… [Read more..]