Fix Zoom Share Screen Not Working on Windows 10 and MAC

Zoom Screen Sharing Not Working

Are you experiencing Zoom Share Screen Not Working Error? Do not be worry, I am going to discuss more about this issue. During these days, to work does not mean that you have to be always coming to your office. Especially in the current time. The government strongly advises people to work from home. And I believe that is is a very wise option for every one of us. I have previously discussed some apps that can support your aim to be working from home in the previous post on Recommended apps for working from home. One of them is the Zoom app, which I also have discussed further in the Review on What Is Zoom App.

In regards to the need for further dig out of the app, I am going to discuss one of the errors people may have experienced when using the Zoom app. Yes, I am going to discuss the Zoom share screen not working error. This is the most commonly experienced Zoom error beside the Zoom error code 105 (which nowadays is also some users face). As I believe, to be conveniently working from home you will need to be uninterrupted by any error due to the physical distance factor.

How to Fix Black Screen Error in Zoom screen sharing

One of the mostly encountered screen sharing error in Zoom screen sharing is the black screen. It is a frustrating issue when you are having online video conference meetings with your Zoom meeting app and having a problem during the screen sharing. Moreover, when it occurs during the Zoom online presentation. This error can happen both on Windows and also MAC. Follow these steps below to overcome Zoom black screen error on Windows and MAC:

Fix Zoom Screen Sharing Not Working on Windows 10; Zoom Black Screen

For Windows computer users, when you are facing the Zoom screen sharing not working, the black screen, to fix it you need to go to your Windows Control Panel and check the setting of the NVidia Control Panel. Check on below steps:

  1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and find the NVidia Control Panel in it. Click the “Manage 3D Settings” option.
  2. Find the “Program Setting” option and click on it.
  3. Add Cpthost.exe from the Zoom directory bin under the “Select a program to customize“, and click “Add“. (To find the Cpthost.exe go to C:/>Users>YOURUSERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Zoom>bin) from your file explorer Windows).
  4. Click on “Add Selected Program” >> “Integrated Graphics” >> “Apply“.
  5. Try the screen sharing with your Zoom app again, this shall be working now.

Fix Zoom Black Screen Error on MAC

If you are using Zoom in MAC and facing the Zoom share screen not working on MAC which is black screen that occurs during the screen sharing, there are some recommended steps to follow. Please check on the below:

Ensure your Security settings are allowing the Zoom app

  1. Open your “System Preferences” >> select “Security & Privacy” >> click “Privacy” tab.
  2. Find the “Screen recording” menu on the menu and click on it.
  3. Unlock it by clicking the lock icon. (** you will need to enter the admin password when requested).
  4. Tick on the checkbox beside the Zoom app.
  5. Restart your MAC to apply the changes you have made.

Setting for MAC with Dedicate GPU

If you are using MAC with dedicated GPU and facing the Zoom black screen error during the Zoom screen sharing not working, the below steps shall be working to fix it.

Go to your “System Preferences” >> Choose on the “Energy Saver Preferences” >> finally, disable the “Automatic Graphics Switching“.

After completing the above steps, the share screen not working error on your MAC should be solved and working now.


The aim of this tip and guidance is o maximize the working from home attempt using the Zoom app. By fixing the Zoom screen sharing not working error, I do hope that you will be able to work from home more conveniently.

Additionally, hopefully, this will help you to keep on doing the good work in this tough time.

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