Samsung Galaxy S10 Common Problems; How to Fix problems on Galaxy S10


How to Fix problems on Galaxy S10-Like the old saying, nothing is perfect on earth. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone. Despite all the strengths in the Samsung Galaxy S10, there are some common problems on Samsung Galaxy S10. Released in three different product variants; the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, each has its own strength. Samsung Galaxy S10: the most superior variant. The S10 Plus: super-sized mobile phone and the Samsung Galaxy S10e: the cheaper version one.

Not to discuss any application issue or Samsung Galaxy Android virus-related issues on this Samsung Galaxy S10, but we are focussing to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 common problems and how to fix those problems.

Whichever variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 you wish to purchase, there will always be possibility that later on you will face problem. We will try to discuss 5 Common Problems in Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e and how to fix the common problems in Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e. Hopefully, this discussion will help you when you face the problems in your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Common Problems and How to fix it

Disconnection of Bluetooth Connection

Have you ever experienced that when you are listening to the music using your Bluetooth headset and suddenly the connection is interrupted or even stopped? It is very annoying when this kind of thing happens.

This kind of issue is faced by some users of Samsung Galaxy S10. Furthermore, the disconnection of the Bluetooth not only happens for the headset device, but also some other devices as long as it is connected through the Bluetooth.

This Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth disconnection usually occurs when the screen sleeps. On the other hand, when in the initial use (screen is still on), it works well. But when the screen goes to the sleep mode, the Bluetooth disconnects.

How to solve the Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth disconnection issue?
As I further investigate, the issue is caused by the battery optimization mode activity. Means that it is actually under the setting function. That the Bluetooth connection will automatically turned off when the screen is off due to screen sleep mode.

This is actually aimed to optimize the battery use, on the other words it is to save the battery power. Unfortunately, this function is applied even when the Bluetooth connection is actually performed.

To solve the Bluetooth disconnection issue, you have to deactivate the battery optimization mode for the application you want.
Go to “Setting” – App – tap the three dots on the upper right – select special access – Optimize battery usage – untick the application or function in which you experience the Bluetooth disconnection issue.

Unstable LTE connection Problem on Samsung Galaxy S10

Slow connection will always be annoying for the smartphone users, likewise for the Samsung Galaxy S10 users. Even when they have set the connection under the 5G or 4G service, they sometimes still experience slow web page loading.

Not only for certain website, or for browsing intention, but for any other functions involving the internet connection. This issue is actually not specified for Samsung Galaxy S10 device, but also for some other Galaxy series.

How to solve Samsung Galaxy S10 unstable LTE connection?
Samsung has actually been aware of this issue. As a further investigation, the issue is not caused by the service provider issue or problem. But apparently, because there is something needs to be fixed in the device’s software. As per last update, Samsung is still working to overcome this issue, they are working for the software update.

So for the unstable LTE connection issue on Samsung Galaxy S10, we need to be a little patient for the software update. We can check for the software update from the Setting – Software update – Download & install (when the updated software has been released).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery drain fast

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has actually equipped with larger battery compare to the previous Galaxy series. With this upgrade, users are expecting that the issue on the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery drain fast is minimized.

But per users experience, the battery’s power is reduced up to 30% when they leave it on their night sleep. Hence, some say that the phone is not a good pick for a long-distance trip due to battery drains too fast. Further research regarding this issue, this situation is mostly happen to the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the Exynos Chip.

One of the possible causes of the battery drain is that the phone screen is going to be on by itself while the phone is in the pocket. Consequently, the screen will consume the battery’s power. Why can the phone’s screen go on when it is in the pocket? It is because of the issue in the proximity sensor of the phone itself.

Another possible cause is that the bug that hinders the battery saving mode of the phone. This usually happens after the VOIP call, such as Whatsapp call, Line call, or any other VOIP or messenger application-based call.

Steps to do when Samsung Galaxy S10 battery drains too fast
If the reason of the battery drain is that the screen goes on by itself due to bug in the proximity sensor, the best way to minimize it is to change the setting of the “Always On Display” and “Lift to Wake” to be OFF. Please follow these steps: Go to setting – Lock screen (remove the tick on the “Always On Display”), then Go to setting – Advance features – Motions and gestures (Remove the tick on the “Lift to wake”)

What about the bug issue of the VoIP call? For this issue, the best way is to restart your phone whenever you finished the VoIP call. This is to clear the bug and let the phone perform the battery saving mode.


One of the most common issues that occur in the electronic device is overheating. So does what is experienced by some Samsung Galaxy S10 users. It is a problem that most of the time become strong consideration from many users.

When it comes to “Overheat” people are just becoming paranoid. They are afraid of this or that happens. Even when the phone is actually experiencing normal heating due to certain reason, other users have become very cautious when they hear the word “Overheat”.
Solution for Samsung Galaxy S10 overheat

As so far we have not really found this issue. Therefore, if you experience to face this kind of issue, please go directly to contact Samsung for further solutions.


AS firstly stated at the beginning of the paragraph, there is always a weakness in everything. So does in the smartphones. Despite all the problems that may have ever occur in the Samsung Galaxy S10, the phone is still in the top level in the market.

Offering good features, specifications, and also prestige. Presenting some common problems on Samsung Galaxy S10, I expect that this will serve you with right step to do in case you experience it. If you have another experience of the solution you ever taken when facing that kind of issue, please feel free to leave your comments.

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