How To Use iMovie To Edit Videos On iPhone And iPad

How To Use iMovie To Edit Videos On iPhone And iPad

Wondering how to use iMovie to edit videos on iPhone and iPad you own? In this article, you will get further information on iMovie tutorials. I will share the iMovie tutorial on how to use the app to edit videos specifically on iPhone and iPad. Hence, if you are iPhone or iPad users, keen on editing videos on your device, this article will surely be beneficial for you. So, stay tuned!

Video editing used to be an energy-consuming task to do. Well, video editor would need huge and sophisticated devices I order to do the editing. As of now, video editing can simply be done on your gadget. In this case, we are talking about video editing with an iPhone or iPad. If you are so much interested in video editing and iPhone or iPad users, you can use the iMovie to edit the videos you want.

What Is iMovie?

iMovie for iPhone and iPad
iMovie for iPhone and iPad

Before we go further, first of all, let us discuss what is iMovie. iMovie is an app from Apple, specifically designed for video editing. You can head to the Apple Store from your iPhone or iPad to get it. Please see the below screenshot. Of course, to be able to do the video editing on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to have the app installed on your device first. So, go ahead, install, and please install the app first.

How To Use iMovie On iPhone To Edit Videos

Now, let us go further on how to use iMovie to edit videos on iPhone and iPad in a practical way. In this dem, I am using the iPad as the display. But do not be worry, since you can do the same way if you want to use iMovie to edit videos on your iPhone. Because the iPad and iPhone have a similar display interface, just different in the shape and size, right? So do not be worry about it.

Here is how you can use iMovie to edit videos on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Download and install iMovie on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Open the iMovie app on your iPhone by tapping the iMovie app icon.
Open iMovie App
Open iMovie App

When you first open the iMovie app, you will see the below interface

iMovie Interface


  • The “Video” tab at the top will show you all the images and videos in the camera roll you have captured before.
  • The “Project” tap in the iMovie app shows the editing project you have done before.
  • “Theater” tap contents the movies from your iCloud and Apple TV.


  1. To start a new project, tap on the “Project”, proceed with tapping the large + icon.

    Create New Editing Project With iMovie on iPhone and iPad
  2. Next, the below screen will appear. “Movie” will allow you to create videos by combining both videos and images. Whereas “Trailer” allows you to follow or use a certain template. In which you can create a Hollywood film style of trailer. At this time, let us focus on the video editing by combining the videos and images from the “Movie” tab.

    Movie Menu on iMovie
  3. Tap on the “Movie” icon.
  4. Please add the media you want to edit or combine with the iMovie for your project from your storage. Please see on the left side menu shows (moments, videos, photos & albums).

    Adding Media to Edit in iMovie
  5. You can choose the media or file you want to edit or combine by tapping on the media or file icon. Note: if you like, you can cut the video first before adding it to your project. To cut the video before adding to your iMovie project, you can do it by tapping on the yellow bar of the video to the left or to the right. And when finished, click on the tick.
  6. Next, tap on the “Create Movie” in the bottom and you will be taken to the iMovie main editing screen as below. The top side is the preview of the movie you are editing, and the bottom side displays the timeline in which you will do the editing process.

    Main Editing Screen of iMovie
    Main Editing Screen of iMovie
  7. To move certain clips to the position you want in iMovie editing, simply press and hold on the clip and drag it to the order you want. Whether it is to the first scene or the next scene of order.
  8. Next, if there are some clips you want to cut or shorten, simply click on the clip and slide the yellow bar, and set the clip duration as you desire.

    Cut Video Clip on iMovie
    Cut Video Clip on iMovie
  9. In order to create a smooth combination of the clips, you will need to set the transition. To set the video transition on iMovie, put your pointer in between the clips. You will see the arrow up and down. Click on it and you will see the sub-menu where you can choose which transition style you want to use.

    iMovie Transition Menu
  10. What if you want to change the audio on the video clip you edit with iMovie? Yes, you can do it. Simply click on the clip you want to change the audio. Then, you will see the sub menu as below screenshot. Next, choose the “Detach Audio” menu.
    Detach Audio on iMovie

    As you see the audio track in the separate tab click on it and lower down the volume to 0. By doing this, you will make the original audio unsound in the edited video.

  11. In addition to this section of the sub-menu, you can also see the “Split” menu. This menu will enable you to split the clip.
  12. Furthermore, the “Duplicate” menu is to duplicate certain clips you want.
  13. You can also use the “Speed” menu if you want to edit the speed of the clip. Whether it to speed up or to make a slow-motion clip.
  14. Next, add the text or title by tapping the “Title” menu. By using the menu, you can write the title of the clip or caption if you need it. Further to this, there is some default template provided which you can choose. But please keep in mind that you can only add one title in the clip.
  15. Lastly, the “Filter” menu will help you to edit the clip color filter on your project video footage. Hit on the menu and have a try, you will see how this will help you make the video looks more attractive and distinctive. You can use the filter menu for each clip of your project. It means that you can select different filters for each clip in one video project.

    iMovie Additional Menus

How To Add Audio On Video Project With iMovie on iPad and iPhone

In the video editing, in order to make the video more interesting, you can add audio on your video production project. For this purpose, you can also use iMovie to add audio to your video project on your iPhone or iPad. Here is how to do it:

Add music to video with iMovie on iPad or iPhone

  1. Tap on the “Audio” menu on the right side of your iMovie main screen.

    Adding Audio to Video on iMovie
  2. You can choose which music you want to use in your video project. There is some pre-defined audio from the app itself, or you can choose any song you have on your iTunes library. Note: always remember not to violate any songs copyright.
  3. Next, just tap on the music you select and drag to the video editing bar. Press the play button and you will no be able to hear the music on your edited video project.

Add voice to video with iMovie

To add your voice to your video edited project, you can just press on the microphone icon. Next, just record your voice and it will be directly added to your video.

Adding Voice to Video on iMovie

Additionally, by using the camera icon beside the microphone icon, you can use it to add video from your iPhone or iPad camera directly to your video editing project.


That is how you can use iMovie to edit videos on iPhone and iPad. The suggested procedure is applicable for both iPhone and iPad. Because, as previously mentioned, iPhone and iPad only differ on shape and size. The rest, they are quite similar in the menus and features.

Hopefully, the above tips are useful for you. Let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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