[SOLVED] Fix Zoom Error Code 105 In Chrome

Zoom Error Code 105

To fix Zoom error code 105 in Chrome is something that many users are dying for lately. So, if you are in the same situation, a Zoom user in Google Chrome browser, you will need to stay here and follow the suggested methods carefully. Besides the Zoom share screen not working error, some users are reported in seek for how to fix  Zoom error code 105.

I believe that you fully understand what Zoom app is. With the Zoom video conference app, you can conduct or host and join an online meeting. Something that plays an important role nowadays time. And when you are hosting a Zoom meeting, of course, you will be able to do an online presentation in Zoom share screen presentation.

Why Zoom Error Code 105 Occur?

You may be curious about why the Zoom error 105 occur. Well, error 105 is actually not solely happen to the Zoom app. Basically, this happens to the browser you are using. In this case, we are focussing on Zoom error 105 in Chrome.

The main reason behind Zoom error code 105 is the connection issue between the Zoom server with your browser. So, therefore, you will need to resolve this connection failure or issue to fix the error code 105 in the Zoom meeting you are using.

Steps How To Fix Zoom Error Code 105

As previously mentioned, to solve the Zoom error code 105 in Chrome you have to resolve the connection problem between the Chrome browser and Zoom server. To do it, here are the things you can do.

Restart Router

Restarting router to refresh the internet connection is always recommended before you go for further checking or steps. This method somehow works for many cases when it comes to the internet connection problem. Likewise with the Zoom error code 105 in Chrome. Hence, please restart your router first before going further.

Please wait 40 seconds to 1minute when you are turning off your router before turning it on again. This will give time for the router to refresh the connection.

Clear Chrome Cache

Here below is how to clear your cache to solve Zoom error code 105 in Chrome browser:

  • Go to your GoogleChrome setting and type “Cache” in the search bar.
Clear Cache in Chrome
Clear Cache in Chrome
  • Click on the “Clear Data” to proceed with the clear cache. Please see the below figure.
Clear Cache Data in Chrome
Clear Cache Data in Chrome
  • Restart to connect your Zoom, this shall be working to establish the connection.

Use Google DNS

Using Google DNS is another option you can try to fix Zoom error code 105 in Chrome browser. Here is how to do it if you are Windows user:

  • Go to “Control Panel” >> “Network and Internet” >> “View Network Status and Tasks”
  • Next, you will be taken to the below screen. Click on “Change adapter settings” >> “Ethernet”
Change Adapter Settings
Change Adapter Settings
  • When you are taken to the below window, click on “Properties”. Next, choose the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click on “Properties”.
Ethernet Status-Use Google DNS
Ethernet Status-Use Google DNS
  • Enter in the red-boxed space as below, and finalize by clicking “OK”. DONE!
Internet Protocol Setting To Use Google DNS

Flush the DNS

  • Open the “Run” command by pressing Windows button + R. Type “cmd” and press Enter
Open Command Prompt in Windows 10
Open Command Prompt in Windows 10
  • The window will then display the Command prompt as below. Type ipconfig /flushdns.
Flush DNS
Flush DNS
  • Please wait a while until the process is completed. After that, you can restart the Zoom and see if this works well.


The main thing that may cause the Zoom error code 105 in Chrome is the issue of the connection between the Zoom server with your Chrome browser. There are several ways worthy of trying to fix the error.

So, I do hope that the above-suggested methods to fix Zoom error code 105 in Chrome browser will help you.

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