How To Activate Speed Dial for Chrome Browser

Activate Speed Dial for ChromeHow To Activate Speed Dial for Chrome? If you are a Google Chrome user but have experience of using the Opera browser, I am sure that you notice the speed dial feature in the Opera browser. A simple look and user-friendly feature.

Imagine if you can have the speed dial feature for the Chrome browser you love, it will be awesome! Many people love to use Google… [Read more..]

How To Disable and Enable Touch Screen on Windows 10/8 Laptop/PC

Windows 10 Home ScreenSome people are wondering how to disable or enable touch screen on Windows 10 on their laptops or PC. This is because some users are not comfortable with the touch screen and prefer not to use it. Whereas some users, they do enjoy to use the feature and find it helpful.

There are many laptop or PC manufacturers that produce Windows 10 compatible laptop or PC along with the touch screen feature in it. … [Read more..]

How To Use Android Phone For Security Camera with Alfred Security Camera App

Use Android phone for security cameraHow great would it be if you can use your old Android phone for a security camera? If you have an unused Android phone and confused about what you want to do with them, it is a wise option to use your Android phone for security camera.

Previously, I have shared how to use an unused iPhone for a webcam. In this section, I am going to discuss how we can use Android phone for Security camera using the Alfred Android security camera app.… [Read more..]