How To Make Interesting Instagram Story

Interesting Instagram stories

Instagram story is a simple and trending way to keep your followers updated with your activities. As we all may have known, Instagram has introduced this feature some times ago and receives good response from the users. Undoubtedly, it is a practical way to update status, does not require much storage and does not require much effort to post it. Besides, Instagram story are much simpler compare to the permanent post. It will only appear for certain duration of time in the feed and after your followers view it, it will not appear in their home feed anymore.

Many of … [

Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC

Uninstall app on MAC

Simple Ways Uninstalling Application on MAC-Unlike in Windows Operating System, uninstalling application on MAC operating system can be a little bit tricky. Especially for those who are not so used using Mac operating system. It is mostly caused by the different menu interface between Windows and Mac. Moreover, Mac is well known for its stronger security, may be this is why the process of uninstalling program on Mac is (may be) a little bit trickier compare to Windows.… [Read more..]

Using iPhone For Webcam

iPhone for webcam

Some people may not know that they can be using iPhone for a webcam. Imagine you are having a baby and you have to do the house work such as: washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc. I suppose that you are still thinking about your baby while doing this work. In this case, if you have an old unused iPhone, you can still make use of this device. Yes, you can use iPhone for a webcam to monitor what your baby is doing in the bed room. Whether he is still asleep or waking up so that you … [Read more..]

Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC

Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC –There used to be only limited ways to transfer data from one device to another. There were only Bluetooth, infra-red and also cable to do the data transfer. As technology develops, there are more options we can use to transfer data. In here, we are going to focus on Mi Drop File Transfer from Android to Windows PC.
Mi Drop is an application developed by Xiaomi. As we know, Xiaomi in a Chinese mobile phone brand that has come to the fame after all the specifications and strength it [Read more..]