Only Whatsapp Group Admin Can Send Chats

Whatsapp Group Admin

How to set Whatsapp so that only Whatsapp group admin that can send message? Some of you who are creating Whatsapp group and mean it as an information board might sometimes question this. As we know, Whatsapp has currently taken the role of many other instant messengers.

We can even say that most of us, install Whatsapp in our mobile phone. One feature that is so much beneficial is the Whatsapp Group. As through Whatsapp group we can have chat with many people in one chat room. People use the Whatsapp group in order to communicate based on certain interest and or certain community, such as family, school, work, college, etc.

Though, some people find it annoying because their mobile phone keeps on ringing/beeping as the chats come in. In addition, sometimes the chats are too many as each of the member are sending messages. In this case, certain important messages are overlapped and missed. Therefore, there is actually a feature in the Whatsapp group setting that only enables the group admin to send chats.

By setting that only Whatsapp group admin that can send message, it can avoid the unread or overlapped chats. This means that the group will mainly function as a place to share information or information board (not an interactive chats).

How to Set Only Whatsapp Group Admin That Can Send Message

How can I set my Whatsapp group that only group admin that is able to send messages? Please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your Whatsapp Group, click in the “Group Info
Whatsapp Group Info
Whatsapp Group Info –
  1. Find “Group Setting” and click
Whatsapp Group Setting
Whatsapp Group Setting –
  1. This menu will appear, click “Send message
Whatsapp Group Setting Send Message
Whatsapp Group Send Message –
  1. Choose “Only admins“, click “OK“. DONE
Whatsapp Only Admin Send Message
Only Admin Group Send Message –
  1. Done ! and now your Whatsapp group member can only read the chats or messages


Setting Whatsapp so that only group admin that can send the message is now not an impossible thing. It will be helpful to manage the group so that there will not be an overlapping of the conversation. In other words, the group will run as if an announcement board so that the member can only read the message sent by the Whatsapp group administrator.

Hopefully, this article helps you, cheers!

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